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Trivia Quiz - The "ology" Quiz

This quiz deals with the "ologies", meaning the study of...see how many you can match to their meaning. -tazzytina

Quiz Number: 930
Date Submitted: March 01, 2007
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tazzytina
Average Score: 82.6 percent
Times Taken: 205 times
Taken by Registered Users: 45

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The ology Quiz
(Image Source: The Nutty Professor)

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1. This is the study of diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels:
  A.   cardiology
  B.   hematology
  C.   oncology
  D.   histology

2. The study of the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of diseases of the blood, blood-forming tissues and organs:
  A.   cardiology
  B.   rheumatology
  C.   oncology
  D.   hematology

3. The scientific study into the causes and or origin of diseases:
  A.   hematology
  B.   biology
  C.   etiology
  D.   anthropology

4. The study of the structures of the human body:
  A.   histology
  B.   anatomy
  C.   pathology
  D.   cardiology

5. The study of tissue and cells on a microscopic level:
  A.   biology
  B.   histology
  C.   sociology
  D.   pathology

6. Area of study concerned with diagnosis and treatment of arthritis:
  A.   rheumatology
  B.   biology
  C.   anthropology
  D.   pathology

7. The area of medicine studying the cause, diagnosis and treatment of cancer:
  A.   cardiology
  B.   oncology
  C.   cardiology
  D.   neurology

8. Study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the nervous system and the brain:
  A.   oncology
  B.   biology
  C.   neurology
  D.   etiology

9. The study of aging:
  A.   biology
  B.   pathology
  C.   sociology
  D.   gerentology

10. Area of medicine which specializes on the study of the kidneys, ureter and bladder:
  A.   nephrology
  B.   cardiology
  C.   immunology
  D.   hematology®   

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