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Trivia Quiz - Gilligan's Island - Character Match

You'll never get off the island without a line-up card, little buddy! Great Gilligan's Island trivia!

Quiz Number: 874
Date Submitted: February 20, 2007
Quiz Categories: Gilligan's Island
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: madman
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Gilligans Island  Character Match
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1. She was the rich, spoiled socialite whose nickname was "Lovey:"
  A.   Ginger
  B.   Erika Tiffany Smith
  C.   Mary Ann
  D.   Mrs. Howell

2. He was the high school science teacher who devised many ways for the castaways to live more comfortably on the island:
  A.   The Skipper
  B.   Gilligan
  C.   The Professor
  D.   Mr. Howell

3. He was the hapless first mate of the S.S. Minnow:
  A.   The Skipper
  B.   Gilligan
  C.   The Professor
  D.   Duke Williams

4. He was a Hollywood producer who came to the island for a vacation. The castaways staged a musical production of Hamlet to convince him to return to society.
  A.   Harold Hekuba
  B.   Lord Beasley
  C.   Duke Williams
  D.   George Barkley

5. She was the Kansas farm girl that once dated Horace Higgenbotham:
  A.   Mary Ann
  B.   Mrs. Howell
  C.   Ginger
  D.   Eva Grubb

6. He was the filthy rich Harvard man that slept with a teddy bear:
  A.   The Professor
  B.   Mr. Howell
  C.   Jonathon Kinkaid
  D.   Gilligan

7. She was the quiet suicidal librarian who resembled Ginger Grant. She returned to civilization intending to impersonate Ginger.
  A.   Mrs. Howell
  B.   Erika Tiffany Smith
  C.   Eva Grubb
  D.   Mary Ann

8. He was the captain of the S.S. Minnow whose name was Jonas Grumby:
  A.   Gilligan
  B.   Mr. Howell
  C.   The Skipper
  D.   The Professor

9. She was the movie star:
  A.   Ginger
  B.   Mary Ann
  C.   Eva Grubb
  D.   Mrs. Howell

10. He was the daffy aviator who used to work for Howell Airlines. Apparently, he made the first non-stop flight from Chicago to New Orleans – he was supposed to fly to Minneapolis.
  A.   Wrong-Way Feldman
  B.   Duke Williams
  C.   Harold Hekuba
  D.   Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Irving®   

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