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Trivia Quiz - Gilligan's Island - It's Tough!

Set sail with these questions, little buddy! -bill

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Author: bill
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Gilligans Island  Its Tough
(Image Source: Gilligan's Island)

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1. What do the captivora berries the Professor needs look like?
  A.   Green berries with red dots
  B.   Red berries with green dots
  C.   White berries with green dots
  D.   White berries with red dots

2. Before being shipwrecked, Ginger Grant won a beauty contest and was voted what?
  A.   "Ms. Hourglass"
  B.   "Ms. Congeniality"
  C.   "Ms. Twinkle Toes"
  D.   "Ms. Good Body"

3. What was Mrs. Howell's maiden name?
  A.   Buchanan
  B.   Wenworth
  C.   Jenison
  D.   Brubaker

4. Mr. Howell insisted that his bath water be warmed to what temperature?
  A.   77
  B.   78
  C.   79
  D.   80

5. What was the name of the newspaper Gilligan was reading after hearing the news that Harold Hecuba was producing their play on Broadway?
  A.   "Show Biz"
  B.   "Show Time"
  C.   "Hollywood Gossip"
  D.   "Broadway Bulletin"

6. Gilligan's unchartered island was about 300 miles from Hawaii in which direction?
  A.   Southwest
  B.   Northeast
  C.   Southeast
  D.   Northwest

7. What was the Professor's full-time job before he was shipwrecked?
  A.   Geneticist
  B.   College Professor
  C.   Research Scientist
  D.   High School Science Teacher

8. What was the name of the practice polo pony that the Professor made for Mr. Howell?
  A.   Napoleon
  B.   Terrance
  C.   Sebastian
  D.   Bruce

9. Which one of the following movies titles did Ginger Grant not star in?
  A.   "Gunslingers and Go-Go Girls"
  B.   "Sing a Song of Sing Sing"
  C.   "Mohawk over the Moon"
  D.   "Belly Dancers of Bali Bali"

10. What was the Skipper's first and last name?
  A.   Roy Hinkley
  B.   Jonas Grumby
  C.   Skip Nauley
  D.   Buc Endymion®   

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