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Trivia Quiz - Often Misused Words

Test your knowledge of the following ten words that are often used incorrectly by many.

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Date Submitted: July 08, 2020
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Often Misused Words
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1. What does the word "enormity" mean?
  A.   the opposite of normality
  B.   relating to massive size or dimension
  C.   a description of an event full of sin, grief or disaster
  D.   pertaining to to a commonly accepted maxim

2. "Flaunt" has been used in many ways but when used correctly it means...?
  A.   to horde, especially money or possessions
  B.   to display ostentatiously
  C.   to break or go close to breaking a rule
  D.   to squash an object

3. To be "enervated" means ....?
  A.   reinvented
  B.   renewed
  C.   full of energy
  D.   lacking in energy or spirit

4. What does "fortuitous" mean?
  A.   happened by chance or accident
  B.   strong and full inner reserve
  C.   winding or twisted
  D.   lucky

5. "Dichotomy" is tricky word that means ....?
  A.   a difference of opinion
  B.   there is a clear distinction between two groups or ideas
  C.   two theories to explain an event or process
  D.   an obstacle that hinders reaching a conclusion

6. If one "appraises", what has been achieved?
  A.   an assessment or evaluation
  B.   the bestowing of a compliment
  C.   squeezing someone or something from a tight situation
  D.   a thought or hope sent to a supernatural being

7. If a person is said to have "proscribed", what has been done?
  A.   recording of events in an ad lib manner
  B.   advice or recommendation, usually relating to medicine
  C.   writing done in a formal or archaic fashion
  D.   they have barred or forbidden

8. "Tortuous" is used often in the media. What is its correct meaning?
  A.   many changes of direction
  B.   painful
  C.   full of legal torts
  D.   refined

9. If a person is said to be "reticent" what do they do?
  A.   adopt a casual attitude
  B.   are unwilling to do a task
  C.   act formally on all occasions
  D.   don't reveal their thoughts or feelings

10. "Literally" is one of the most incorrectly used words in our language. What is its true meaning?
  A.   full of fine words
  B.   based on books
  C.   true or exact
  D.   figuratively®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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