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Trivia Quiz - Thomas More - English Martyr

The final years of Thomas More's eventful life were chronicled in the play and film "A Man For All Seasons". He went to the block for his opposition to Henry VIII's marriage to Anne Boleyn. Test your knowledge of this principled man canonised in 1935.

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Date Submitted: October 13, 2019
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Thomas More  English Martyr

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1. Thomas More was born in 1478 and how was his early life characterised?
  A.   privileged and well-educated
  B.   as the son of a farmer working long hours
  C.   growing up in poverty
  D.   as part of the French court where his father was ambassador

2. Thomas More was the father of three daughters and a son. How did he raise his daughters?
  A.   He guided them into servitude as nuns.
  B.   He provided them with a classics education.
  C.   He shielded them from male contact and arranged their marriages.
  D.   He refused them permission to leave the family home.

3. Which notable 16th century figure became a friend of Thomas More's, with the pair exchanging many letters?
  A.   John Knox
  B.   Nicolaus Copernicus
  C.   Desiderius Erasmus
  D.   Rene Descartes

4. Thomas More's first wife, Jane Colt died after six years of marriage. What was unconventional about More's marriage to his second wife, Alice Middleton?
  A.   Alice had been married to More's father as his second wife.
  B.   They did not live in the same house to allow More time for his religious studies.
  C.   Alice was a liberated soul who kept her last name and did not become Lady More.
  D.   They were married within 30 days of Jane's death.

5. Which if the following ascetic practices did Thomas More adopt?
  A.   wearing a hair shirt next to his skin
  B.   sleeping on the floor
  C.   celibacy after turning 30
  D.   monthly enemas to purify his body

6. Thomas More's most famous literary work was about life in a perfect world and had what title?
  A.   Oresteia
  B.   New Atlantis
  C.   Arcadia
  D.   Utopia

7. Which of the following 16th century figures did not provoke criticism from Thomas More?
  A.   William Tyndale
  B.   John Calvin
  C.   Michel de Montaigne
  D.   Martin Luther

8. What position did Thomas More hold in Henry VIII's court?
  A.   Archbishop of Canterbury
  B.   Lord Chancellor
  C.   Lord Great Chamberlain
  D.   Lord Privy Seal

9. In the events that led to his execution, what did Thomas More not do?
  A.   refused to sign the Oath of Succession
  B.   refused to answer questions when asked his opinion of the King as head of the Church
  C.   refused the chance to escape the Tower of London on the eve of his execution
  D.   refused to acknowledge the spiritual validity of the King's second marriage

10. For what crime was Thomas More beheaded on July 6, 1535, only five days after his trial?
  A.   heresy
  B.   insulting the King
  C.   embezzlement
  D.   treason®   

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