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Trivia Quiz - Giants of Early American Industry

In this bit of Trivia, name the industry giant based on the clue

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Date Submitted: March 16, 2020
Quiz Categories: History, American Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: Demigod9021
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Giants of Early American Industry

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1. I had a monopoly on the steel industry. I am
  A.   Thomas Edison
  B.   The Wright Brothers
  C.   John D. Rockefeller
  D.   Andrew Carnegie

2. My product helped to build skyscrapers and strong bridges. I am
  A.   Alexander Graham Bell
  B.   Andrew Carnegie
  C.   Thomas Edison
  D.   John D. Rockefeller

3. I was born in Scotland. I am
  A.   Alexander Garham Bell
  B.   Thomas Edison
  C.   Peter Griffin
  D.   Andrew Carnegie

4. I started working at the ago of 12 or 13. I am
  A.   Peter J. Leithart
  B.   Michael Jackson
  C.   Andrew Carnegie
  D.   Gerald R. McDermott

5. My mentor was Tom Scott. I am
  A.   Andrew Carnegie
  B.   Tom Scott
  C.   Jesus
  D.   Friedrich Douglas

6. I made a elephant walk across a bridge to prove its sturdiness. I am
  A.   Henry Frick
  B.   Joyce Novak
  C.   Andrew Carnegie
  D.   Marcos Crouch

7. I preached the Gospel of Wealth. I am
  A.   Lillian Barrett
  B.   Andrew Carnegie
  C.   Nida Wolf
  D.   Neal Fletcher

8. I was in competition with John Rockefeller. I am
  A.   John Rockefeller
  B.   Safwan Gunn
  C.   Andrew Carnegie
  D.   Jordyn Oliver

9. There was a dinosaur named after me. I am
  A.   Neive Haney
  B.   Wayne Sutton
  C.   Dana Gould
  D.   Andrew Carnegie

10. I was the most wealthy man in the 1800s. I am
  A.   Andrew Carnegie
  B.   Laaibah Mansell
  C.   Coby Talley
  D.   Tyson Kelly®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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