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Trivia Quiz - Plant Posers - Test Your Green Thumb

Plants allow all animals to live as they produce oxygen converted from carbon dioxide. Test your knowledge of our essential green, and, sometimes not green friends.

Quiz Number: 5782
Date Submitted: December 28, 2018
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Plant Posers  Test Your Green Thumb

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1. What salad vegetable was named for the milky juice it produces?
  A.   radish
  B.   celery
  C.   shallot
  D.   lettuce

2. What do freesia, poinsettia, loganberry and begonia have in common?
  A.   They were once used as aphrodisiacs.
  B.   They are monocotyledons.
  C.   They are named after people.
  D.   They have been used to produce pain-killing drugs.

3. What plant was once native to Brazil, giving this country a monopoly on its product?
  A.   rubber
  B.   coffee
  C.   quinine
  D.   cotton

4. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a herbaceous plant?
  A.   They are mainly vines.
  B.   They do not have woody parts.
  C.   They die after the growing season.
  D.   They grow from seed.

5. What is the common name given to the species of acacia that wilts when touched?
  A.   fainting plant
  B.   frightened plant
  C.   sensitive plant
  D.   touchy plant

6. What is the world's largest plant?
  A.   Rafflesia arnoldi
  B.   Eucalyptus regnan
  C.   Giant sequoia
  D.   Montezuma cypress

7. A climbing orchid provides what popular food flavoring?
  A.   caramel
  B.   vanilla
  C.   pepper
  D.   chocolate

8. Cork is obtained from what species of tree?
  A.   beech
  B.   maple
  C.   yes
  D.   oak

9. From what plant do we obtain penicillin?
  A.   lichen
  B.   algae
  C.   mould
  D.   angiosperm

10. What food is obtained from the sapodilla tree?
  A.   maple syrup
  B.   chewing gum
  C.   chocolate
  D.   coffee®   

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