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Trivia Quiz - Michael Faraday - Influential Scientist

Michael Faraday's scientific genius contributed to many of the inventions we take for granted in the 21st century. Without his work, the computer on which you take this quiz may have not been invented. Take ten questions on this remarkable physicist.

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Date Submitted: October 27, 2018
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Quiz is about: Michael Faraday

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Michael Faraday  Influential Scientist
(Image Source: Michael Faraday)

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1. Born in London in 1791, Michael Faraday was the son of a......?
  A.   miner
  B.   blacksmith
  C.   weaver
  D.   candle maker

2. In his early twenties Michael Faraday became temporary assistant to what famous English scientist?
  A.   Joseph Priestley
  B.   John Dalton
  C.   Edmond Halley
  D.   Humphry Davy

3. Which of the following was not an early subject of Faraday's scientific study?
  A.   medical powers of airs and gases
  B.   condensation of gases
  C.   limits of vaporization
  D.   optical deceptions

4. Michael Faraday was the first to locate and isolate what product?
  A.   aluminium
  B.   hydrogen proxide
  C.   benzene
  D.   methane

5. Faraday's greatest work concerned electricity. Which of the following was not one of his discoveries in this area?
  A.   electromagnetic induction
  B.   laws of electrolysis
  C.   rotation of polarized light by magnetism
  D.   photovoltaic effect

6. Which of the following was not named by or after Michael Faraday?
  A.   Faraday cup
  B.   Faraday cage
  C.   Faraday ladder
  D.   Faraday wheel

7. What atomic quantity did Michael Faraday discover?
  A.   neutron
  B.   ion
  C.   electron
  D.   proton

8. In 1845 Michael Faraday discovered the interaction between light and a magnetic field in a medium. What name was this discovery given?
  A.   Faraday Effect
  B.   Faraday Theory
  C.   Faraday Principle
  D.   Faraday Force

9. Which of the following was not an invention or discovery of Michael Faraday?
  A.   electric motor
  B.   electromagnetic induction
  C.   lightning rod
  D.   electrolysis

10. Dying in 1867, which of the following is not true of Michael Faraday?
  A.   He was offered a knighthood by Queen Victoria but refused.
  B.   He strongly believed in the value of education for all.
  C.   He was an early environmental campaigner.
  D.   He never married.®   

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