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Trivia Quiz - The Great Influenza Pandemic

Between 1918 and 1920 more people died from influenza than the total of people killed during World War I. Test your knowledge of the pandemic that has been called the worst in human history.

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Date Submitted: April 08, 2018
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The Great Influenza Pandemic

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1. Most historians think the influenza virus had its origins in what U S state?
  A.   Hawaii
  B.   Alaska
  C.   Florida
  D.   Kansas

2. Taken to Europe by U S troops going to the war, where were the first reported cases of the flu?
  A.   Switzerland
  B.   Spain
  C.   France
  D.   England

3. Which group of people did the influenza affect most?
  A.   elderly
  B.   young children
  C.   young adults
  D.   those of the O blood group

4. The conditions of World War I created a fertile environment for the influenza virus. Which of the following is thought to have accelerated most the spread of the virus?
  A.   gunpowder
  B.   mustard gas
  C.   trench foot
  D.   bully beef rations

5. Corpses of those killed by the influenza quickly turned what color?
  A.   green
  B.   black.
  C.   blue
  D.   yellow

6. Profuse bleeding was a sign of the influenza's hold. Bleeding from which of the following was not a sign of the influenza?
  A.   eyes
  B.   ears
  C.   nose
  D.   anus

7. What percentage of the world's population was infected by influenza?
  A.   1/10
  B.   1/3
  C.   1/2
  D.   3/4

8. What country had the highest number of fatalities from the influenza pandemic?
  A.   Spain
  B.   U S A
  C.   India
  D.   China

9. What is the estimated number of deaths from the Great Influenza Pandemic?
  A.   15 million
  B.   30 million
  C.   50 million
  D.   80 million

10. In what country in 1998 did scientists exhume bodies affected by the influenza virus in an attempt to circumvent any possible outbreaks?
  A.   Egypt
  B.   Argentina
  C.   Norway
  D.   Ireland®   

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