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Trivia Quiz - Vince Lombardi Basics

How much do you know about the awesome Vince Lombardi? -bill

Quiz Number: 569
Date Submitted: September 08, 2006
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Vince Lombardi

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Vince Lombardi Basics
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1. Where did Vince Lombardi play his college football?
  A.   Notre Dame University
  B.   Fordham University
  C.   Boston College
  D.   St. John's University (NY)

2. What was Lombardi's post-college playing experience?
  A.   National Football League
  B.   no professional experience
  C.   semi-pro league
  D.   European professional league

3. What was Lombardi's first coaching stint in the NFL (1954)?
  A.   head coach of the Green Bay Packers
  B.   assistant coach of the Green Bay Packers
  C.   assistant coach of the New York Giants
  D.   assistant coach of the Washington Redskins

4. Lombardi won how many NFL championships/Super Bowls with the Green Bay Packers?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   5

5. After retiring from the Packers for one year in 1968, Lombardi returned to coach what team for one year?
  A.   Dallas Cowboys
  B.   Detroit Lions
  C.   Washington Redskins
  D.   New York Giants

6. Lombardi introduced what offensive concept to the NFL?
  A.   zone blocking
  B.   run and shoot offense
  C.   man to man blocking
  D.   West Coast Offense

7. The Packers played the Dallas Cowboys in the 1967 NFL Championship Game. The game has since been nicknamed what?
  A.   The Ice Bowl
  B.   The Mud Bowl
  C.   The Dust Bowl
  D.   The Sun Bowl

8. Who scored the winning touchdown for the Packers in the 1967 Ice Bowl (NFL Championship Game)?
  A.   Bart Starr
  B.   Donny Anderson
  C.   Jethro Pugh
  D.   Chuck Mercein

9. Where is Lombardi Avenue?
  A.   Middletown Twp., New Jersey
  B.   New York City
  C.   Washington, DC
  D.   Green Bay, WI

10. The Lombardi Trophy is awarded annually to what team?
  A.   Regular Season Champion (best record)
  B.   NFC Champion
  C.   Super Bowl winner
  D.   AFC Champion®   

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