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Trivia Quiz - Galileo - Part II

More questions on the man whose many scientific discoveries turned the then scientific world upside down and which laid the basis for modern scientific theory.

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Date Submitted: May 30, 2015
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Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Galileo Galilei

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Galileo  Part II

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1. What course of study did Galileo first undertake when he enrolled at university?
  A.   medicine
  B.   alchemy
  C.   literature
  D.   biology

2. While sitting in Pisa Cathedral at the age of 18, what discovery did Galileo make?
  A.   The Earth spun on its axis
  B.   The Earth travelled around the Sun
  C.   The oscillation time of pendulums
  D.   The refracted nature of light

3. Galileo used the Leaning Tower of Pisa to drop two objects of different weight to prove they fell with equal velocity. Whose long-standing theory did he disprove by doing this?
  A.   Galen
  B.   Archimedes
  C.   Pythagoras
  D.   Aristotle

4. What instrument did Galileo invent?
  A.   stethoscope
  B.   thermometer
  C.   sphygmomanometer
  D.   sextant

5. Which of the following astronomical discoveries was not made by Galileo?
  A.   sunspots
  B.   The Milky Way was composed of separate stars
  C.   The Moon's light was reflected from the Sun.
  D.   The location of Uranus

6. What threat from the Catholic Inquisition persuaded Galileo to recant his support of Copernican theory that the Earth moved around the Sun?
  A.   torture
  B.   excommunication
  C.   banishment from Italy
  D.   loss of his fortune and estate

7. Which other of Galileo's theories may have also provoked the Catholic Church to put him on trial for heresy?
  A.   inductive reasoning
  B.   atomic theory
  C.   relativity
  D.   evolution

8. What other discovery did Galileo make that had a lasting effect?
  A.   The circulation of blood around the body
  B.   Electricity
  C.   Relativity
  D.   The parabolic trajectory of projectiles

9. What disability did Galileo eventually suffer?
  A.   deafness
  B.   Parkinson's
  C.   blindness
  D.   dementia

10. Which modern Pope praised Galileo for the contributions he made to astronomical discoveries?
  A.   Pope Paul I
  B.   Pope Paul II
  C.   Pope Benedict XVI
  D.   Pope Francis®   

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