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Trivia Quiz - Pee-Wee's Playhouse - Wacky Kids' Show!!

All about "Pee-Wee's Playhouse trivia!" -written by tristan

Quiz Number: 544
Date Submitted: August 19, 2006
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: tristan
Average Score: 75.6 percent
Times Taken: 354 times
Taken by Registered Users: 27

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Pee Wees Playhouse  Wacky Kids Show
(Image Source: Augusta Chronicle)

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1. What was Pee-Wee's last name?
  A.   Herron
  B.   Hartman
  C.   Herman
  D.   Harvey

2. Who's the king who pays Pee-Wee an occassional visit?
  A.   King of Fun
  B.   Clown King
  C.   The Movie King
  D.   The King of Cartoons

3. What is the name of mail lady?
  A.   Reba
  B.   Jessie
  C.   Mary
  D.   Sandra

4. During every episode, Pee-Wee picks a:
  A.   wacky word
  B.   magic word
  C.   fun word
  D.   secret word

5. Curtis is a:
  A.   singer
  B.   cowboy
  C.   truck driver
  D.   plumber

6. Who is the most beautiful woman in Puppet Land?
  A.   Ms. Yvette
  B.   Ms. Yolanda
  C.   Ms. Ysolde
  D.   Ms. Yvonne

7. Pee-Wee has a giant ball of what?
  A.   string
  B.   foil
  C.   tape
  D.   paper

8. What's the robot's name?
  A.   Dinky
  B.   Botley
  C.   Dorky
  D.   Konky

9. Jomby is a:
  A.   wizard
  B.   gypsy
  C.   geenie
  D.   janitor

10. How does Pee-Wee end every show?
  A.   rides his scooter out of the playhouse
  B.   he walks out the front door
  C.   he rides a rocket through a hole in the roof
  D.   he says "good-bye" and fades away®   

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