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Trivia Quiz - Rap Music History 101

Test your knowledge on the history of rap. -kirkman16

Quiz Number: 542
Date Submitted: August 15, 2006
Quiz Categories: Rap and Hip-Hop
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: kirkman16
Average Score: 64.6 percent
Times Taken: 513 times
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Rap Music History 101
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1. Who recorded one of the first rap hits entitled "Rapper's Delight"?
  A.   Melle Mel
  B.   The Sugar Hill Gang
  C.   Grand Master Flash
  D.   Whodini

2. In 1982, the Furious Five recorded what single that sold over 1 million copies in a month?
  A.   Basketball
  B.   Ali Baba & The Forty Theives
  C.   The Message
  D.   We Got The Funk

3. In 1983, "White Lines (don't do it)" was recorded by what duo?
  A.   Melle Mel & Grand Master Flash
  B.   Kurtis Blow & KRS-1
  C.   Mike D & King Adrock
  D.   Biz Markie & Junior

4. Who recorded the albums: King of Rock, Raising Hell & Tougher Than Leather?
  A.   The Beastie Boys
  B.   U.T.F.O.
  C.   Roxanne Shante
  D.   Run DMC

5. For what does LL Cool J stand?
  A.   Ladies Love Cool James
  B.   Livin Large Cool James
  C.   Listening & Lovin Cool Jams
  D.   Live Lyrics Cool Jams

6. Who recorded the single "Don't Believe the Hype"?
  A.   Eric B. & Rakim
  B.   EPMD
  C.   Public Enemy
  D.   Kool Moe D

7. What was the title of The Beastie Boys 1986 release?
  A.   "Charmed Life"
  B.   "Licensed To Ill"
  C.   "Street Smart"
  D.   "Homie Don't Play Dat"

8. In 1988, the single "Push It" was released by which female rap artists?
  A.   Queen Latifa
  B.   Lil Kim & Eve
  C.   MC Lyte & Yo-Yo
  D.   Salt & Pepper

9. What was Tupac Shakur's debut release titled?
  A.   "2Pacalypse Now"
  B.   "We 3 Gangstas"
  C.   "Tupac or not Tupac"
  D.   "This Is How I Roll"

10. Will Smith was originally a member of what rap group?
  A.   NWA
  B.   Morris Day & The Time
  C.   DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  D.   2 Live Crew®   

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