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Trivia Quiz - Slumber Party Massacre 2

Very easy quiz on the horror film Slumber Party Massacre 2 - enjoy!

Quiz Number: 5419
Date Submitted: October 31, 2014
Quiz Categories: Horror Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: jake82
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Slumber Party Massacre 2
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1. What actor was cast as the driller killer after auditioning three times?
  A.   Patrick Lowe
  B.   Joel Hoffman
  C.   Atanis Ilitch
  D.   Don Daniels

2. In which horror series did actresses Heidi Kozak and Juliette Cummins star prior to starring in "Slumber Party Massacre II"?
  A.   Halloween
  B.   Friday The 13th
  C.   Hellraiser
  D.   Scream

3. The soundtrack of "Slumber Party Massacre II" includes the songs, "If Only" and "Why." What real-life band performed these songs for the movie?
  A.   The Bangles
  B.   The Go-Go's
  C.   Bananarama
  D.   Wednesday Week

4. Which "Slumber Party Massacre II" actress was also a singer in the real life?
  A.   Crystal Bernard
  B.   Kimberly McArthur
  C.   Heidi Kozak
  D.   Juliette Cummins

5. What musical movie were the girls watching before they did their "crazy dance"?
  A.   Rocky Horror Picture Show
  B.   Grease
  C.   Rock N Roll High School
  D.   Little Shop Of Horrors

6. Which actress actually hurt her leg during a chase scene in the movie "Slumber Party Massacre II"?
  A.   Heidi Kozak
  B.   Kimberly McArthur
  C.   Crystal Bernard
  D.   Juliette Cummins

7. The actress who played Courtney's mom also played in the horror flicks "Night Of The Demons 2" and "Heathers." What is her name?
  A.   Jennifer Rhodes
  B.   Anjelica Houston
  C.   Sally Field
  D.   Stockard Channing

8. How many hours did actress Heidi Kozak spend in latex makeup to get the "exploding zit" gag perfect?
  A.   100
  B.   17
  C.   6
  D.   2

9. Which director declined to direct the film, "Slumber Party Massacre 2" after directing the original?
  A.   Amy Jones
  B.   Deborah Brock
  C.   Sally Mattison
  D.   All Of The Above

10. After the name of the film was changed from "Don't Let Go" to "Slumber Party Massacre 2," which actress was displeased with the name change?
  A.   Heidi Kozak
  B.   Crystal Bernard
  C.   Kimberly McArthur
  D.   Juliette Cummins®   

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