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Trivia Quiz - Boudicca - Warrior Queen

A quiz on the tribal queen Boudicca whose forces created havoc against the occupying Romans. Her statue in London is a stylised tribute to this legendary queen.

Quiz Number: 5356
Date Submitted: June 21, 2014
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Boudicca  Warrior Queen

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1. In what century did Boudicca live?
  A.   5th century B C
  B.   1st century B C
  C.   1st century A D
  D.   5th century A D

2. What colour hair did Boudicca have?
  A.   She had no hair having shaved her head to ensure her helmet fitted.
  B.   Brunette
  C.   Blond
  D.   Red

3. What fate befell Queen Boudicca following the death of her husband, King Prastutagus?
  A.   She was publicly raped by Roman soldiers.
  B.   She was publicly flogged by Roman soldiers.
  C.   She was tarred and feathered by the Romans.
  D.   She was forced to ride naked through her town on the back of a donkey.

4. What was the name of the tribal group Boudicca led?
  A.   Trinovantes
  B.   Iceni
  C.   Druids
  D.   Celts

5. What English town was the first to fall to the forces of Boudicca?
  A.   Winchester
  B.   Dorcester
  C.   Doncaster
  D.   Colchester

6. When Boudicca's forces took the newly-created town of London what particularly cruel punishment was committed on Roman women?
  A.   They were raped in the town square in revenge for that crime committed on Boudicca's daughters.
  B.   They had their breasts cut off and stuffed into their mouths.
  C.   Their children were burned in front of them.
  D.   They were stripped and crucified upside down

7. What military mistake did Boudicca's army make that caused its eventual defeat?
  A.   It spent too much time exacting revenge for the intial atrocities committed by the Romans.
  B.   It spread its forces too thinly trying to defend its reconquered territory.
  C.   It relied too heavily on chariots that became bogged in rain-sodden fields.
  D.   It decided to attack the Scots, thinking the Romans had been subdued.

8. Who was the Roman commander who eventually defeated Boudicca and her army?
  A.   Augustus Caesar
  B.   Tiberius
  C.   Suetonius
  D.   Decianus

9. The final battle that saw the defeat of Boudicca's army resulted in approximately how many of her forces being killed?
  A.   20,000
  B.   40,000
  C.   60,000
  D.   80,000

10. How did Boudicca die?
  A.   She fled to Gaul and was killed by Roman spies.
  B.   She was captured and crucified.
  C.   She committed suicide.
  D.   She died on the battlefield.®   

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