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Trivia Quiz - Leave it to Beaver: Eddie Haskell

How well do you know Eddie Haskell? We got "Leave it to Beaver" trivia and "Leave it to Beaver" facts!

Quiz Number: 5306
Date Submitted: April 01, 2014
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Leave it to Beaver
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 61.7 percent
Times Taken: 112 times
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Leave it to Beaver Eddie Haskell
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1. In "Lonely Beaver", what was Eddie's middle name?
  A.   Clark
  B.   David
  C.   Paul
  D.   Sebastian

2. What did Eddie claim to be allergic to?
  A.   eggs
  B.   mayonnaise
  C.   onions
  D.   strawberries

3. Eddie's father told him not to waste his time on:
  A.   people with low paying jobs
  B.   extracurricular activities
  C.   people who didn't count
  D.   girls who were taller than he

4. In "Eddie's Girl", Eddie claimed that this was his girl:
  A.   Belinda Mc Gowan
  B.   Caroline Cunnigham
  C.   Dottie Donovan
  D.   Gail Preston

5. In "The Shave", Eddie claimed he was planning to attend:
  A.   The Air Force Academy
  B.   Annapolis
  C.   The Citadel
  D.   West Point

6. In "Beaver's Bike", who did Eddie plan to take to the dance?
  A.   Cinda
  B.   Judy
  C.   Michelle
  D.   Sally

7. In "Voodoo Magic", what was the name of Eddie's father?
  A.   Edward
  B.   Frank
  C.   George
  D.   Mitch

8. In "The Spot Removers", Eddie talked Wally out of wearing:
  A.   his gray suit
  B.   a pullover sweater
  C.   a sport coat
  D.   a tie

9. In "Beaver's Big Contest", who was Eddie supposed to take to the movies on a double date with Wally?
  A.   Belinda McGowan
  B.   Cindy Andrews
  C.   Mary Denton
  D.   Caroline Cunningham

10. What was the name of Eddie's mother?
  A.   Agnes
  B.   Barbara
  C.   Edith
  D.   Millie®   

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