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Trivia Quiz - Lee Kuan Yew - Founding Father of Modern Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew transformed the island of Singapore from a dependent fishing state into a world leader. Take the following ten questions on this remarkable man's life.

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Date Submitted: March 29, 2014
Quiz Categories: World Leaders, Chinese History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Lee Kuan Yew  Founding Father of Modern Singapore

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1. Lee Kuan Yew (1923 - 2015) was born with what western first name?
  A.   Barry
  B.   Garry
  C.   Larry
  D.   Harry

2. Lee Kuan Yew studied law at what famous university?
  A.   Sorbonne
  B.   Cambridge
  C.   Oxford
  D.   Harvard

3. Lee Kuan Yew was one of the co-founders of the Singapore PAP. What do the initials stand for?
  A.   Progressive Action Party
  B.   Policy and People
  C.   People's Action Party
  D.   People Above Politics

4. Lee Kuan Yew holds the record as the world's longest-serving prime minister with a term of how many years?
  A.   20 years
  B.   26 years
  C.   31 years
  D.   38 years

5. Lee Kuan Yew referred to Singapore with what affectionate title?
  A.   Garden city
  B.   City state
  C.   Hub of Asia
  D.   Multicultural marvel

6. What did Lee Kuan Yew think was Singapore's greatest asset?
  A.   Its position
  B.   Its bargaining power
  C.   Its multiculturalism
  D.   Its people

7. What form of judicial punishment did Lee Kuan Yew introduce to Singapore law-breakers?
  A.   chemical castration
  B.   corporal punishment
  C.   banishment from Singapore
  D.   sale of wrong-doers' houses

8. Lee Kuan Yew introduced legislation that meant all young Singaporeans had to complete what?
  A.   national service
  B.   high school
  C.   200 hours of community service
  D.   citizenship tests

9. Which of the following social initiatives did Lee Kuan Yew not introduce to Singapore?
  A.   a two-child policy
  B.   encouraging Singaporeans to have more children
  C.   encouraging Singaporean men to marry highly educated women
  D.   work for the dole

10. Lee Kuan Yew claimed he was the only world leader who was threatened to have what cut off?
  A.   testicles
  B.   water
  C.   his airline's international landing rights
  D.   head®   

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