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Trivia Quiz - Leave it to Beaver: Ward Cleaver's Family Tree

How well do you know Ward Cleaver? We got "Leave it to Beaver" trivia and "Leave it to Beaver" facts!

Quiz Number: 5298
Date Submitted: March 20, 2014
Quiz Categories: Fictional Characters, Leave it to Beaver
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Leave it to Beaver Ward Cleavers Family Tree
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1. Ward and his brother once brought home a:
  A.   cocker spaniel
  B.   duck
  C.   macaw
  D.   tortoise

2. Ward and his brother once did this with a cardboard box:
  A.   built a fort with it
  B.   filled it with water
  C.   made a car out of it
  D.   trapped a gopher in it

3. Ward used to pretend his father was:
  A.   an army general
  B.   the Prince of Wales
  C.   a movie star
  D.   the president of the United States

4. When he was a kid, Ward checked out books with his mother's library card because:
  A.   he could check out twice as many books that way
  B.   he lost his own card
  C.   his father took his card away
  D.   he had too many fines on his card

5. What was the name of Ward's father?
  A.   Edward Cleaver
  B.   Ward Cleaver Sr.
  C.   Thomas Cleaver
  D.   Wallace Cleaver

6. How many brothers did Ward's father have?
  A.   4
  B.   1
  C.   7
  D.   3

7. Ward once hoped his father would become a:
  A.   baseball player
  B.   policeman
  C.   singer
  D.   test pilot

8. Ward's mother made him wear this to Sunday school:
  A.   a red velvet jacket
  B.   short pants
  C.   a pink sweater
  D.   a pair of pointy shoes

9. Ward used to do this when he had a fight with his father:
  A.   hide in the barn
  B.   play up to his mother
  C.   run away from home
  D.   throw rocks at the back fence

10. What was the name of Ward's mother?
  A.   Edith Brown
  B.   Gladys Winger
  C.   Wilma Stapleton
  D.   We are never told.®   

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