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Trivia Quiz - I Hate Valentine's Day: Genevieve's Dating Philosophy

How much do you remember about Genevieve's take on dating? Take my quiz and find out!

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Date Submitted: February 14, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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I Hate Valentines Day Genevieves Dating Philosophy
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1. When the romance is gone:
  A.   the dating is done
  B.   you're better alone
  C.   it's time to move on
  D.   it's no longer fun

2. Women should wait to be:
  A.   asked out
  B.   called
  C.   serenaded
  D.   wooed

3. Relationships are just:
  A.   an emotional cage
  B.   a farce
  C.   an illusion
  D.   an opiate

4. No ________ equals no disappointment.
  A.   commitment
  B.   expectation
  C.   love
  D.   marriage

5. People aren't meant to:
  A.   be in relationships
  B.   develop attachments
  C.   fall in love
  D.   stick with just one person throughout life

6. Date #1 is for:
  A.   breathless flirting
  B.   a few laughs
  C.   getting to know each other
  D.   wining and dining

7. Date #2 is for:
  A.   being wooed
  B.   pulling out all the stops
  C.   tummy flip flops
  D.   wild passion

8. Date #3 should be:
  A.   the adventurous date
  B.   a barrel of laughs
  C.   culturally enriching
  D.   an outdoor date

9. Date #4 should be:
  A.   crazy and unpredictable
  B.   fun and fabulous
  C.   quiet and subdued
  D.   sexy and romantic

10. Date #5 should be:
  A.   the best date ever
  B.   one for the books
  C.   unforgettable
  D.   without rules®   

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