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Trivia Quiz - Men in Black: Fanatic's Version

Here's a quiz for people who have watched "Men in Black" multiple me!

Quiz Number: 5264
Date Submitted: February 07, 2014
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Sci Fi Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 66.8 percent
Times Taken: 155 times
Taken by Registered Users: 4

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Men in Black Fanatics Version
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1. How long was a "Galactic Standard" week?
  A.   4 days
  B.   9 days
  C.   1 hour
  D.   12 minutes

2. What was the name of Edgar's wife?
  A.   Beatrice
  B.   Erma
  C.   Gertrude
  D.   Velma

3. What was the weapon called that J saw disintegrate on the street?
  A.   a noisy cricket
  B.   a reverberating carbonizer
  C.   a subatomic blaster
  D.   a neuralizer

4. What address was J given for his first meeting with the Men in Black?
  A.   504 Battery Dr.
  B.   544 Cordell St
  C.   615 Clinton Ave
  D.   405 Copper Lane

5. Irma Edelson, J's 3rd grade teacher, was from:
  A.   Detroit
  B.   Mercury
  C.   one of Jupiter's moons
  D.   Solaxiant 9

6. What was J's middle name before his identity was erased?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Darrell
  C.   Michael
  D.   Russell

7. What was the name of the woman K looked up on his computer?
  A.   Ann Marie Weston
  B.   Denise Marlene Roosevelt
  C.   Elizabeth Ann Reston
  D.   Maria Elaine Farnsworth

8. What did "the bug" ask the street vendor?
  A.   "Have you seen a cat?"
  B.   "How much are your postcards?"
  C.   "What happened to my truck?"
  D.   "Where do you keep your dead?'

9. According to K, "the bug" was under arrest for violating:
  A.   the Geneva Convention
  B.   the Intergalactic Code
  C.   the Tycho Treaty
  D.   the Universal Constitution

10. According to J, Dennis Rodman was from:
  A.   Drema 12
  B.   Mercury
  C.   Solaxiant 9
  D.   one of Jupiter's moons®   

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