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Trivia Quiz - Funny Farm

I hope you enjoy my quiz on this old favorite, starring Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 5242
Date Submitted: January 12, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 83.3 percent
Times Taken: 100 times
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Funny Farm
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1. What was the name of the Vermont town to which Andy and Elizabeth moved?
  A.   Hadleyville
  B.   Pine Bluff
  C.   Jupiter Hollow
  D.   Redbud

2. On their anniversary, Andy broke the local record for eating:
  A.   crabapple tarts
  B.   haggis
  C.   sheep testicles
  D.   teriyaki cockroaches

3. What did Elizabeth find in her flowerbed?
  A.   a corpse
  B.   diamonds
  C.   gold
  D.   several old toilets

4. What was the name of the mailman in the small town?
  A.   Marion Corey
  B.   Dirk Criterion
  C.   Gus Lotterhand
  D.   Crum Petree

5. Why did Sheriff Ledbetter go around town in a taxi?
  A.   The town couldn't afford a car for him.
  B.   He flunked his driving test.
  C.   He wasn't a real sheriff.
  D.   He drove a taxi in his spare time.

6. Who got a fish hook stuck in his neck?
  A.   Brock
  B.   Gus
  C.   Bud
  D.   Hank

7. What did Andy call the dog that Elizabeth gave him on their anniversary?
  A.   Buck
  B.   Goldie
  C.   Ike
  D.   Yellow Dog

8. Where did the Farmers stay on their anniversary?
  A.   Dr. Fogler's Bungalows
  B.   Lakeside Inn
  C.   Mountain Hideaway
  D.   Sid's HideaWay Bungalows

9. What was the title of the book Andy had started writing?
  A.   Breaking Even
  B.   Down a Dark Road
  C.   The Big Heist
  D.   The Las Vegas Caper

10. The main character in Elizabeth's book was an animal named Andy. What kind of animal was he?
  A.   duck
  B.   mule
  C.   squirrel
  D.   rabbit®   

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