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Trivia Quiz - Friends With Kids

Have fun taking my quiz on "Friends with Kids," the cute romantic comedy, starring Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt.

Quiz Number: 5152
Date Submitted: October 20, 2013
Quiz Categories: Romantic Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 80.9 percent
Times Taken: 11 times
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Friends With Kids
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1. What movie did Jason play for his friends' kids to watch?
  A.   Barney's Halloween Special
  B.   Bob the Builder
  C.   The Lion King
  D.   Thomas the Tank Engine

2. What was the name of the woman with the "daw"?
  A.   Maria
  B.   Maryjane
  C.   Marilyn
  D.   Mary Jo

3. Who was the guy Julie fell for after Joe was born?
  A.   Kurt
  B.   Dirk
  C.   Russ
  D.   Tim

4. What kind of trip did Jason and Julie take with their friends?
  A.   boating
  B.   camping
  C.   horseback
  D.   skiing

5. With whom did Julie have a nine year relationship in college?
  A.   Andy
  B.   Danny
  C.   Lanny
  D.   Phil

6. How old was Joe when his parents went on the trip with their friends?
  A.   nine months
  B.   one year
  C.   two years
  D.   three years

7. Who were Jason's parents?
  A.   Dale and Lucy
  B.   Luke and Darcy
  C.   Marc and Stacy
  D.   Phil and Marcy

8. When did Julie tell Jason she was in love with him?
  A.   at a Christmas party
  B.   in the middle of an argument
  C.   in the park on Joe's birthday
  D.   at a restaurant on her birthday

9. What did Jason give Julie for her birthday?
  A.   a cookbook
  B.   a diamond necklace
  C.   an espresso machine
  D.   a photo album

10. What did Jason come back to tell Julie on her NEXT birthday?
  A.   that things could never work between them
  B.   that he was dying to sleep with her
  C.   that she was the love of his life
  D.   that he wanted another baby®   

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