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Trivia Quiz - The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: Part 3

Ten questions for the Lincoln experts on the events that saw the end of his life.

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Date Submitted: September 29, 2013
Quiz Categories: American History, American Presidents, American Civil War, World Leaders, Assassinations
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Abraham Lincoln

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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Part 3
(Image Source: Abraham Lincoln @ The White House)

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1. On what commemorative day was Abraham Lincoln shot?
  A.   Easter Sunday
  B.   Advent Sunday
  C.   Good Friday
  D.   Palm Sunday

2. In what type of chair was Lincoln sitting when shot?
  A.   Rocking chair
  B.   Theatre stall seat
  C.   His favorite chair brought from the White House
  D.   Chaise lounge

3. Before shooting Lincoln, what did his assassin do to steel his nerves?
  A.   Downed two brandies
  B.   Visited a nearby church
  C.   Visited his mother
  D.   Read the newspaper account of Lee's surrender

4. Apart from the gun he used, what other weapon did Lincoln's assassin have with him?
  A.   Confederate sabre
  B.   club
  C.   ice pick
  D.   dagger

5. What was the number of the theater booth in which Lincoln was sitting?
  A.   2
  B.   7
  C.   56
  D.   It was not numbered

6. Who was the only actor on stage when Lincoln's assassin leapt to the stage from the Presidential Box?
  A.   Stephen Starling
  B.   Fred Falconer
  C.   Peter Pigeon
  D.   Harry Hawk

7. Who was the opportunistic actress who cradled a dying Lincoln's head in her lap?
  A.   Elizabeth MacAdam
  B.   Henrietta Skellern
  C.   Laura Keene
  D.   Mabel Taylor

8. Who was the doctor, who was part of the audience and who tended to the dying Lincoln?
  A.   Robert Sloane
  B.   Charles Leale
  C.   Edward Calston
  D.   Rupert Johanssen

9. What did Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton do to Lincoln's body once Lincoln had been pronounced dead?
  A.   He kissed Lincoln.
  B.   He souvenired some of Lincoln's blood on his handkerchief.
  C.   He laid a Bible on Lincoln's chest.
  D.   He cut some of Lincoln's hair.

10. Where was Abraham Lincoln's body interred?
  A.   Frankfort, Kentucky
  B.   Washington D.C.
  C.   Springfield, Illinois
  D.   Arlington Cemetery, Virginia®   

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