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Trivia Quiz - 1980s Leading Men in Films

Simply match the character in the given film with the correct actor.Written by madman

Quiz Number: 511
Date Submitted: July 16, 2006
Quiz Categories: Movies: By Decade
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: madman
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1980s Leading Men in Films
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1. He played Arthur Bach in "Arthur:" (1981)
  A.   Kevin Costner
  B.   Robert DeNiro
  C.   Kris Kristofferson
  D.   Dudley Moore

2. He played Uncle Buck in "Uncle Buck:" (1989)
  A.   John Belushi
  B.   John Candy
  C.   Tim Matheson
  D.   Mike Meyers

3. He played Pee Wee Herman in "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure:" (1985)
  A.   Robin Williams
  B.   Steve Martin
  C.   Paul Reubens
  D.   Woody Allen

4. He played Gandhi in "Gandhi:" (1985)
  A.   Ben Kingsley
  B.   Joel Gray
  C.   Tom Cruise
  D.   Anthony Edwards

5. He played Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull:" (1980)
  A.   Robert DeNiro
  B.   Clint Eastwood
  C.   Burt Reynolds
  D.   Sylvester Stallone

6. He played both Michael Dorsey and Dorothy Michaels in "Tootsie:" (1982)
  A.   Robin Williams
  B.   John Travolta
  C.   Robert Redford
  D.   Dustin Hoffman

7. He played Ray Peterson in "The 'Burbs:" (1989)
  A.   Bruce Dern
  B.   Jim Carrey
  C.   Tom Hanks
  D.   Billy Crystal

8. He played Indiana Jones in "Raiders of the Lost Ark:" (1981)
  A.   Michael Douglas
  B.   Harrison Ford
  C.   Mel Gibson
  D.   Gene Hackman

9. He played Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in "Amadeus:" (1984)
  A.   Timothy Dalton
  B.   Tom Hulce
  C.   Roger Rees
  D.   Terrence Stamp

10. He played Seth Brundle in "The Fly:" (1986)
  A.   Ted Danson
  B.   Willem Dafoe
  C.   Jimmy Smits
  D.   Jeff Goldblum®   

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