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Trivia Quiz - Blade Runner: Classic Sci-Fi Film

Quiz Number: 5066
Date Submitted: June 09, 2013
Quiz Categories: Sci Fi Movies, Drama Movies, Fantasy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
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Blade Runner Classic Sci Fi Film
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1. Which actor had the starring role as policeman Rick Deckard ?
  A.   Sean Connery
  B.   William Sanderson
  C.   Harrison Ford
  D.   Andy Garcia

2. In what year did this story take place?
  A.   2015
  B.   2019
  C.   2020
  D.   2025

3. In which city did this story take place?
  A.   Las Vegas
  B.   San Diego
  C.   San Francisco
  D.   Los Angeles

4. What was the name of Daryl Hannah's character in the film?
  A.   Constance
  B.   Chrissy
  C.   Pris
  D.   Ethel

5. Who directed 'Blade Runner'?
  A.   Stanley Kubrick
  B.   Ridley Scott
  C.   Steven Spielberg
  D.   Clint Eastwood

6. Deckard's job was to terminate illegal, artificially created humans. What were they called in the film?
  A.   Androids
  B.   Artificials
  C.   Replicas
  D.   Replicants

7. Which actor played Roy Batty, the leader of a group of fugitives targeted for termination?
  A.   Rutger Hauer
  B.   Kevin Thompson
  C.   Mads Mikkelsen
  D.   Carl Weathers

8. One of Deckard's police associates, Gaff, was played by which former star of the Miami Vice television series?
  A.   Don Johnson
  B.   Edward James Olmos
  C.   Philip Michael Thomas
  D.   John Diehl

9. Much of the soundtrack for this film was provided by this artist, who not only has a notable solo career, but has also teamed with 'Yes' lead singer Jon Anderson:
  A.   Zamfir
  B.   Stewart Copeland
  C.   Vangelis
  D.   "Weird Al" Yankovic

10. What was special about Rachel (played by Sean Young), Deckard's love interest in the film?
  A.   She was an undercover cop in the same unit as Deckard
  B.   She was a hooker employed by the Tyrell Corporation
  C.   She was actually the head of the Tyrell Corporation
  D.   She was a ward of the Tyrell Corporation, but did not know she was a clone®   

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