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Trivia Quiz - Nero - He Fiddled while Rome Burned

A quiz on the Roman emperor, Nero (A.D. 37 - 68) who is best remembered as a maniacal despot.

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Date Submitted: April 07, 2013
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Nero Germanicus

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Nero  He Fiddled while Rome Burned
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1. Nero was adopted by which Roman emperor?
  A.   Tiberius
  B.   Augustus
  C.   Hadrian
  D.   Claudius

2. How did Nero become emperor?
  A.   He led an uprising against his adoptive father.
  B.   His mother, Agrippina, poisoned the emperor.
  C.   His father, the emperor, died of old age.
  D.   His adoptive father was killed in battle.

3. Upon becoming emperor, what was one of Nero's first treacherous acts?
  A.   He married his half-sister and had her family butchered.
  B.   He abolished the Senate and proclaimed himself a god.
  C.   He had his step-brother poisoned and banished his mother.
  D.   He had his barren wife abducted and killed.

4. What fate befell Nero's mother, Agrippina?
  A.   She was killed on Nero's orders.
  B.   She fled to Gaul to gain the protection of Commodus.
  C.   Nero had her imprisoned under house arrest on a small island off Rome.
  D.   She died during the fire that engulfed much of Rome.

5. Which famed thinker did Nero order to commit suicide?
  A.   Socrates
  B.   Seneca
  C.   Suetonius
  D.   Plato

6. What happened to Nero's first wife, Octavia?
  A.   She was mysteriously found dead in her bed one morning.
  B.   She fled Rome to Naples because her husband's increasing cruelty and madness.
  C.   She was exiled and then killed.
  D.   She attempted to poison him and when this didn't work, committed suicide.

7. The Great Fire of Rome (AD 64) allowed Nero to do what?
  A.   Increase his persecution of Christians.
  B.   Remove his many enemies, falsely accusing them of starting the fire.
  C.   Commence a rebuilding program allowing him and his cronies to make huge fortunes.
  D.   Construct a temple to him which was built near the Forum.

8. What event took place in AD 65 that shook Nero's hold on power?
  A.   An assassination attempt as he walked to the Senate
  B.   An attack by the Goths and Vandals that almost saw Rome destroyed.
  C.   His second wife, Poppaea tried to poison him.
  D.   An attempted coup to oust him and return Rome to a republic

9. How did Nero meet his end in AD 68?
  A.   He committed suicide after being forced to flee Rome.
  B.   He was killed by soldiers of the Praetorian Guard.
  C.   He fled to Gaul with a small band of supporters who eventually killed him.
  D.   His third wife successfully poisoned him.

10. What happened to Rome following the death of Nero?
  A.   Rome reverted to a republic and reinstalled the Senate.
  B.   Civil war broke out as Rome endured a year with four emperors.
  C.   Nero's half-brother Constantine took over providing wise and just leadership.
  D.   It was attacked by the Visigoths and Vandals.®   

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