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Trivia Quiz - Pets of Super Heroes

We know you know the Super Heroes, but do you know about the pets they had? Take the quiz and see what kind of pet your favorite Superhero may have had. This is based on " The Legion of Super Pets " and DC Super Pets.

Quiz Number: 4999
Date Submitted: March 13, 2013
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 59.7 percent
Times Taken: 37 times
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Pets of Super Heroes

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1. What was the name of Superman's pet dog?
  A.   Superdog
  B.   Kyro
  C.   Krypto
  D.   Atlas

2. What was the name of Batman's pet bathound dog?
  A.   Batdog
  B.   Ace
  C.   Fangs
  D.   Batty

3. What was the name of the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna's, pet space monkey?
  A.   Glick
  B.   Baboo
  C.   Wonder Monkey
  D.   Gleek

4. What was the name of Supergirl's pet horse?
  A.   Comet
  B.   Hercules
  C.   Super Stag
  D.   Prancer

5. What was the name of Blue Falcon's pet dog?
  A.   Wonder Dog
  B.   DynoMutt
  C.   Alphatron
  D.   Megamutt

6. What was the name of Aquaman's pet octopus?
  A.   Topo
  B.   Oc-topus
  C.   Aquapus
  D.   Octo

7. Besides a horse, Supergirl also had a pet cat. What was the name of Supergirl's pet cat?
  A.   Super Kitty
  B.   Super Kat
  C.   Streaky
  D.   Claws

8. What was the name of Flash Gordon's pet dragon?
  A.   Drago
  B.   Gyro
  C.   Popo
  D.   Gremlin

9. What was the name of Wonder Woman's assumed pet kangaroo?
  A.   Kanga
  B.   Roo
  C.   Jumpa
  D.   Hoppa

10. Besides having a pet octopus, Aquaman also had a pet seahorse. What was the name of Aquaman's pet seahorse?
  A.   Giddy
  B.   Storm
  C.   Seaweed
  D.   Aquahorse®   

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