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Trivia Quiz - Spygate: NFL Videotaping Controversy

How much do you know about the now infamous Spygate controversy during the 2007 NFL season?

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Date Submitted: February 18, 2013
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Spygate NFL Videotaping Controversy
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1. What NFL team was at the center of the NFL's Spygate controversy?
  A.   New England Patriots
  B.   New York Jets
  C.   Miami Dolphins
  D.   Buffalo Bills

2. What NFL team was the team being videotaped in the Spygate game?
  A.   Green Bay Packers
  B.   Pittsburgh Steelers
  C.   New York Jets
  D.   Miami Dolphins

3. What Head Coach was fined $500, 000 for his role in Spygate?
  A.   Bill Bellick
  B.   Bill Belichick
  C.   Tony Mangini
  D.   Nick Sabin

4. Who was the Head Coach that brought the videotaping out into the open to NFL security?
  A.   Steve Spurrier
  B.   Mike Tomlin
  C.   Andy Reid
  D.   Nick Mangini

5. Which U. S. Senator became involved and met with commissioner Roger Goodell over the destruction of evidence?
  A.   Ted Kennedy
  B.   Joe Biden
  C.   Arlen Specter
  D.   John McCain

6. Who was the star witness during the Spygate controversy?
  A.   Matt Walsh
  B.   Arlen Specter
  C.   Eric Mangini
  D.   Josh McDaniel

7. What former New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator was caught illegally videotaping as a Head Coach in Denver?
  A.   Ken Whisenhunt
  B.   Nick Saban
  C.   Romeo Crennel
  D.   Josh McDaniel

8. What team was supposedly videotaped during a walk through practice prior to Super Bowl XXXVI?
  A.   New England Patriots
  B.   St. Louis Rams
  C.   Carolina Panthers
  D.   Baltimore Ravens

9. How many tapes were submitted to the NFL by the star witness?
  A.   8
  B.   6
  C.   4
  D.   3

10. What stadium was the Spygate game played in?
  A.   Gillette Stadium
  B.   Heintz Field
  C.   Giants Stadium
  D.   Sun Life Stadium®   

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