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Trivia Quiz - Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses Part II

Name the historical characters who rode the following horses.

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Date Submitted: February 16, 2013
Quiz Categories: History, Animals & Animal Study
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Famous Horse Riders and Their Horses Part II

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1. Which ancient military leader rode Bucephalus?
  A.   Charlemagne
  B.   Alexander The Great
  C.   Hannibal
  D.   Julius Caesar

2. Which army commander rode a horse named Copenhagen?
  A.   Napoleon
  B.   George S Patton
  C.   Duke of Wellington
  D.   Otto von Bismarck

3. Which Roman emperor owned a horse called Incitatus?
  A.   Julius Caesar
  B.   Augustus Caesar
  C.   Marc Antony
  D.   Caligula

4. Which literary figure rode the horse called Dapple?
  A.   Don Quixote
  B.   Sancho Panza
  C.   Zorro
  D.   Tom Sawyer

5. Which Roman mythical figure was seen aboard the steed known as Hippocampus?
  A.   Mars
  B.   Saturn
  C.   Neptune
  D.   Vulcan

6. Which religious leader owned the horse known as Kantanka?
  A.   Buddha
  B.   Mohammed
  C.   Jehovah
  D.   Gandhi

7. Which mythical figure rode the winged horse Pegasus?
  A.   Phaeteon
  B.   Perseus
  C.   Achilles
  D.   Bellerophon

8. Which cowboy was aboard the mighty Topper?
  A.   The Lone Ranger
  B.   Billy The Kid
  C.   Roy Rogers
  D.   Hopalong Cassidy

9. Which dashing figure rode Black Bess?
  A.   William Wallace
  B.   Dick Turpin
  C.   Beau Brummel
  D.   Horatio Nelson

10. Which military leader rode into battle atop Marengo?
  A.   Hector
  B.   Geronimo
  C.   Napoleon
  D.   Ghengis Khan®   

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