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Trivia Quiz - Groucho Marx: Comedic Icon

How much do you know about the life, movies and career of Groucho Marx, one of the most well known comedians of all time?

Quiz Number: 4972
Date Submitted: February 13, 2013
Quiz Categories: Comedians
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Groucho Marx

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Groucho Marx Comedic Icon
(Image Source: Groucho Marx @ Tributes)

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1. What is Groucho's real first name?
  A.   Henry
  B.   Horatio
  C.   Julius
  D.   Milton

2. Groucho was the host of what Radio/ TV game show?
  A.   This is your Life
  B.   You Bet Your Life
  C.   Whose Line is it Anyway
  D.   What's My Line

3. Groucho's appearance spawned one of the most recognizable novelty disguises ever which were called what?
  A.   Groucho Guise
  B.   The Groucho Mask
  C.   The Marx Mask
  D.   Groucho Glasses

4. Groucho was born in a room above what type of business in New York City in 1890?
  A.   A Butcher Shop
  B.   A Brothel
  C.   A Blacksmith
  D.   A Theatre

5. What was the name of Groucho's first autobiography in 1959?
  A.   Beds
  B.   Groucho and Me
  C.   The Groucho Letters
  D.   Memoirs of a Mangy Lover

6. Groucho made his final television appearance in 1976 on Bob Hope's tv special Joys in a skit with what other comedian?
  A.   George Burns
  B.   Bob Hope
  C.   Red Skelton
  D.   Red Buttons

7. What actor portrayed Groucho in the 1982 film "Groucho"?
  A.   Avery Schrieber
  B.   Eugene Levy
  C.   Robert Hegyes
  D.   Gabe Kaplan

8. What was the name of Groucho's first credited film without his brothers that he also co- wrote?
  A.   Yours for the Asking
  B.   Copacabana
  C.   The King and the Chorus Girl
  D.   Mr. Music

9. What was the name of the first movie released with Groucho and his brothers in 1929?
  A.   Animal Crackers
  B.   The Cocoanuts
  C.   Humor Risk
  D.   Monkey Business

10. What was the name of Groucho's last movie in 1968 in which he played God?
  A.   The Story of Mankind
  B.   Mr. Music
  C.   The Mikado
  D.   Skidoo®   

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