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Trivia Quiz - Valentine's Day

Put your heart into this trivia quiz about the history, facts, legends and gifts surrounding Valentine's Day.

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Date Submitted: January 26, 2013
Quiz Categories: Culture, Holidays
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Valentines Day
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1. What day is Valentine's Day celebrated in the U.S.?
  A.   February 14
  B.   March 12
  C.   June 10
  D.   September 17

2. The most notorious St. Valentine's Day was in 1929 when seven people were gunned down when members of Al Capone's gang attempted to assassinate Bugs Moran. In what city did this take place?
  A.   Detroit
  B.   Milwaukee
  C.   Chicago
  D.   Boston

3. What is the common shape associated with Valentines Day?
  A.   diamond
  B.   heart
  C.   pentagon
  D.   rectangle

4. Legend states that before his execution, St. Valentine wrote a farewell to his sweetheart. What did the note say?
  A.   I Love You
  B.   Be My Valentine
  C.   Let's Get it On
  D.   From Your Valentine

5. What is the most commonly given Valentine's Day gift?
  A.   greeting card
  B.   jewelry
  C.   candy
  D.   flowers

6. The oldest known valentine that is still in existence today was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife. Charles was in a prison when he penned his valentine. Which prison?
  A.   HM Prison Belmarsh
  B.   a prison ship
  C.   Tower of London
  D.   King's Bench Prison

7. What type of bird symbolizes Valentines Day?
  A.   turkey
  B.   dove
  C.   robin
  D.   goose

8. A certain character often appears on Valentine cards and gift tokens holding a bow and arrows as he is believed to use magical arrows to arouse feelings of love. Who is it?
  A.   Venus
  B.   Cupid
  C.   Aphrodite
  D.   The Love Machine

9. In the U.S., who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards?
  A.   moms
  B.   sweethearts
  C.   teachers
  D.   kids

10. What percentage of pet owners actually give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets?
  A.   3%
  B.   8%
  C.   12%
  D.   15%®   

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