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Trivia Quiz - Ray Lewis: NFL Linebacker

How much do you know about the feared NFL Linebacker?

Quiz Number: 4930
Date Submitted: January 18, 2013
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Ray Lewis

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Ray Lewis NFL Linebacker
(Image Source: Ray Lewis photo credit to Andy from Pennsylvania)

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1. What jersey number did Ray wear while playing in the National Football League?
  A.   48
  B.   51
  C.   52
  D.   55

2. What position did Ray play in the NFL?
  A.   Defensive Tackle
  B.   Linebacker
  C.   Defensive End
  D.   Cornerback

3. What team drafted Ray in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft?
  A.   Atlanta Falcons
  B.   Carolina Panthers
  C.   Jacksonville Jaguars
  D.   Baltimore Ravens

4. Where did Ray play collegiate football?
  A.   Miami (Fl.) University
  B.   Florida State
  C.   Florida
  D.   Alabama

5. Ray played his last regular season game on October 14, 2012 against what NFL NFC East team?
  A.   Philadelphia Eagles
  B.   New York Giants
  C.   Dallas Cowboys
  D.   Washington Redskins

6. What charges were brought against Ray in February of 2000?
  A.   Murder
  B.   Vehicular Manslaughter
  C.   Kidnapping
  D.   Tax Evasion

7. Ray won his first Super Bowl appearance against what team?
  A.   Dallas Cowboys
  B.   New York Giants
  C.   Green Bay Packers
  D.   Chicago Bears

8. Ray won his second Super Bowl appearance against what team?
  A.   Dallas Cowboys
  B.   New York Giants
  C.   Green Bay Packers
  D.   San Francisco 49ers

9. Ray became the first defensive player in NFL history to do what?
  A.   Have over 40 Sacks and 30 Interceptions in a career
  B.   Win Super Bowl MVP
  C.   Play his entire career with one team
  D.   Recover 4 Fumbles in one game

10. Ray was selected 26th overall in 1996. Who was selected #1 overall that year ahead of Ray?
  A.   Lawrence Phillips
  B.   Kevin Hardy
  C.   Keyshawn Johnson
  D.   Eddie George®   

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