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Trivia Quiz - Miles Davis: Modern Jazz Great!

What do you know about the legendary musician, Miles Davis? Miles Davis trivia right here!

Quiz Number: 492
Date Submitted: May 24, 2006
Quiz Categories: Jazz and Blues
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
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Quiz is about: Miles Davis

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Miles Davis Modern Jazz Great
(Image Source: Miles Davis photo credit to Tom Palumbo)

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1. Miles' first real job came at age 17 with what band?
  A.   Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven
  B.   The Benny Carter Band
  C.   Eddie Randle's Blue Devils
  D.   Billy Eckstine's Big Band

2. In which music academy did Miles enroll at in 1944, only to drop out in 1945?
  A.   The Institute of Musical Art in New York City
  B.   The New England Conservatory of Music
  C.   Longy School of Music Inc
  D.   The University of New Hampshire

3. Miles made a strong impression playing "'Round Midnight" at the Newport Jazz Festival in July 1955, leading what major record company to sign him?
  A.   MCA
  B.   Polygram
  C.   Decca
  D.   Columbia Records

4. For which album did Miles win his first Grammy in 1960?
  A.   King of Blue
  B.   Sketches of Spain
  C.   Milestones
  D.   Birth of the Cool

5. What instrument did Miles play?
  A.   bass guitar
  B.   trombone
  C.   trumpet
  D.   saxophone

6. What 1959 Miles Davis recording is considered by some to be the best jazz recording of all time?
  A.   A Kind of Blue
  B.   Miles Ahead
  C.   Porgy and Bess
  D.   Sketches of Spain

7. Miles' third and last marriage was to a very famous celebrity. What was her name?
  A.   Lee Remick
  B.   Diana Ross
  C.   Cicely Tyson
  D.   Natalie Cole

8. Complete this quotation from Miles: "my future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find what?"
  A.   new opportunities.
  B.   my cat waiting for her breakfast.
  C.   new songs to be written.
  D.   something creative to do with my life.

9. Miles retired from music in 1975 due to hip problems and his problems with drug addiction, only to return a few years later. What year did he return?
  A.   1979
  B.   1980
  C.   1981
  D.   1982

10. Miles last grammy came posthumously in 1993. What was the name of the album?
  A.   Miles & Quincy Live at Montreaux
  B.   Doo-Bop
  C.   Aura
  D.   Tutu®   

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