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Trivia Quiz - A Clockwork Orange: The Movie

A few notes about this iconic, disturbing film that was ahead of its time.

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Date Submitted: January 10, 2013
Quiz Categories: Sci Fi Movies, Drama Movies, Fantasy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
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A Clockwork Orange The Movie
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1. What was the name of the young star of the film, who went on to a lengthy acting career?
  A.   Malcolm Barrett
  B.   Martin McDowell
  C.   Malcolm McDowell
  D.   Malcolm McArthur

2. The main character, Alex, is the leader of an anti-social, violent youth gang. What was the name he used for his cohorts?
  A.   Buddies
  B.   Peeps
  C.   Cronies
  D.   Droogs

3. This was considered one of director Stanley Kubrick's finest works. Which one of these films was NOT also one of his?
  A.   The Shining
  B.   Full Metal Jacket
  C.   The Andromeda Strain
  D.   Barry Lyndon

4. Classical music was heard throughout the film. Who was Alex's favourite composer?
  A.   Mozart
  B.   Johann Sebastian Bach
  C.   Luigi Boccherini
  D.   Beethoven

5. What city was this story set in?
  A.   Paris
  B.   London
  C.   Berlin
  D.   New York

6. What time period was this film set in at the time it was released?
  A.   Present Day
  B.   The Near Future
  C.   The Distant Future
  D.   The Previous Century

7. Alex winds up in prison for murder. How did this come about?
  A.   He killed the principal at his school
  B.   He was identified as the murderer of a rival gang member
  C.   His mother informed on him to the police
  D.   His gang betrayed him during a home invasion

8. Alex sought to shorten his stay in prison by volunteering for an experimental treatment. What was it called?
  A.   The Pavlovian Experiment
  B.   The Synchratic Experiment
  C.   The Ludovico Technique
  D.   The Dracolymphatic Technique

9. Upon his release from prison, after a series of misadventures, Alex winds up back at the house in which he committed one of his worst attrocities. How does his previous victim torture him?
  A.   Has him beaten to a pulp by his careworker
  B.   Locks him in a room and plays classical music
  C.   Alerts the authorities and has him picked up for questioning
  D.   Locks him in a room and starves him

10. Because of the film's violence and sexual content, it was banned in which nation for almost 30 years?
  A.   United Kingdom
  B.   France
  C.   United States
  D.   Canada®   

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