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Trivia Quiz - Jack Dempsey- Boxing Legend

How much do you know about the boxing icon?

Quiz Number: 4905
Date Submitted: December 31, 2012
Quiz Categories: Boxing
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Jack Dempsey

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Jack Dempsey Boxing Legend
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1. What was Jack's nickname?
  A.   The Nifty New Yorker
  B.   The Brooklyn Brawler
  C.   The Bronx Brawler
  D.   The Manassa Mauler

2. Who was the only fighter to defeat Jack by a knockout?
  A.   Willie Meehan
  B.   Gene Tunney
  C.   "Fireman" Jim Flynn
  D.   Jack Downey

3. Jack's aggressive style in the ring prompted what rule change in professional boxing?
  A.   No hitting below the belt
  B.   Boxers going to a neutral corner after a knockdown
  C.   No headbutting
  D.   No bearhugs

4. Who did Jack fight in the match dubbed "The Fight of the Century"?
  A.   Georges Carpentier
  B.   Gene Tunney
  C.   Jack Sharkey
  D.   Kid Harris

5. After being World Heavyweight Champion from 1919 to 1926, Jack finally lost the title to what boxer?
  A.   Jack Downey
  B.   Jack Sharkey
  C.   Gene Tunney
  D.   Willie Meehan

6. Who did Jack fight in the controversial match known as "The Long Count"?
  A.   Georges Carpentier
  B.   Jack Downey
  C.   "Fireman" Jim Flynn
  D.   Gene Tunney

7. After retiring from professional boxing, Jack co- starred in what 1933 film?
  A.   The Prizefighter and the Lady
  B.   Raging Bull
  C.   The Harder They Fall
  D.   The Champ

8. What was the name of Jack's autobiography?
  A.   Life in the Ring
  B.   The Champ
  C.   Dempsey
  D.   Inside the Gloves

9. What were the last words Jack said on his death bed?
  A.   I forgot to duck.
  B.   Don't worry honey. I'm too mean to die.
  C.   Can angels box?
  D.   I just fought my last fight.

10. What infamous line did Jack state to his wife after finally losing his World Heavyweight Title?
  A.   Well babe, looks like it's back to the drawing board.
  B.   Darlin', I never seen it coming.
  C.   Honey, I forgot to duck.
  D.   Man, that was a good fight.®   

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