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Trivia Quiz - Robert Falcon Scott - Heroic Antarctic Explorer

A quiz on the explorer whose exploits became a byword for British courage and determination.

Quiz Number: 4901
Date Submitted: December 27, 2012
Quiz Categories: British History, Polar Exploration
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 60.4 percent
Times Taken: 372 times
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Robert Falcon Scott  Heroic Antarctic Explorer

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1. What was Robert Scott's profession before Antarctic exploration took hold?
  A.   Officer in the Royal Navy
  B.   Officer in the Army
  C.   Politician
  D.   Barrister

2. How many times had Scott visited Antarctica before his fatal tilt at reaching the South Pole?
  A.   0
  B.   1
  C.   2
  D.   3

3. How was Scott chosen to lead the British expedition to the South Pole?
  A.   He was selected from a number of willing applicants.
  B.   His father-in-law was chairman of the Royal Geographic Society.
  C.   He volunteered to lead the party.
  D.   He offered to finance half the cost of the trip.

4. What power source did Scott plan to use to move his sledges?
  A.   Siberian ponies
  B.   Huskies
  C.   Motorized sledges
  D.   A combination of all the above

5. Which other Antarctic explorer challenged Scott to be the first to the South Pole?
  A.   Ernest Shackleton
  B.   Roald Amundsen
  C.   Robert Peary
  D.   Robert Byrd

6. By how many days did Scott's rival beat Scott to the South Pole?
  A.   2 days
  B.   21 days
  C.   33 days
  D.   44 days

7. Which of Scott's men sacrificed himself by walking into the snow because he was injured and slowing the team?
  A.   Henry Bowers
  B.   Edward Wilson
  C.   Lawrence Oates
  D.   Edgar Evans

8. The bodies of Scott, Bowers and Wilson were found 11 miles (20km) from what supply depot Scott had established earlier to provide food and shelter on the return trip?
  A.   One Ton
  B.   Shangri-La
  C.   Providence
  D.   Welcome Inn

9. Approximately how long did Scott and his party take to make their 1700 mile trek?
  A.   three months
  B.   five months
  C.   six months
  D.   eight months

10. Which of the following causes has not been suggested as a contrbuting factor to Scott's party's demise?
  A.   bad weather
  B.   reluctance to use dog teams more extensively
  C.   poor knowledge of nutrition and adequate food supplies
  D.   Scott's reluctance to jettison geological samples which would have lightened the load®   

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