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Trivia Quiz - FBI's 10 Most Wanted List

Do you know any of these interesting facts about the FBI's Most Wanted List?

Quiz Number: 4889
Date Submitted: December 20, 2012
Quiz Categories: Crime & Law
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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FBIs 10 Most Wanted List

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1. In what year was the FBI's Most Wanted List first published?
  A.   1934
  B.   1939
  C.   1942
  D.   1950

2. What fugitive has been on the list the longest at 28 years?
  A.   Victor Manuel Gerena
  B.   James J. Bulger
  C.   Thomas James Holden
  D.   Ruth Eisemann- Schier

3. The list came into being from a conversation between William Kinsey Hutchinson and whom?
  A.   Elliot Ness
  B.   J. Edgar Hoover
  C.   Melvin Purvis
  D.   Herbert H. Hoover

4. Which fugitive spent the least amount of time on the list at two hours?
  A.   Harold James Evans
  B.   James Earl Ray
  C.   Billie Austin Bryant
  D.   Robert Lee Carr

5. Who was the first woman to appear on The Most Wanted List on December 28, 1968?
  A.   Bernardine Rae Dohrn
  B.   Ruth Eisemann- Schier
  C.   Marie Dean Arrington
  D.   Donna Jean Willmott

6. What is the most common crime committed by fugitives on the Most Wanted List?
  A.   Armed Robbery
  B.   Kidnapping
  C.   Murder
  D.   Crimes against Children

7. In 1999, who became the oldest fugitive to be placed on the list at 69 years old?
  A.   Charles Lee Herron
  B.   John Gotti
  C.   Levi Washington
  D.   James J. Bulger

8. Six fugitives have appeared on the list twice. Which fugitive below was the first to do so?
  A.   Nick George Montos
  B.   James Earl Ray
  C.   Edward Sanford Garrison
  D.   Joseph Lloyd Thomas

9. What state by far has had the most crimes committed in their state by fugitives that made the FBI's Most Wanted List?
  A.   Florida
  B.   New York
  C.   Texas
  D.   California

10. Who was the very first person placed on the 10 Most Wanted List by the FBI?
  A.   William Francis Sutton
  B.   Thomas James Holden
  C.   William Raymond Nesbit
  D.   Henry Randolph Mitchell®   

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