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Trivia Quiz - Jimi Hendrix- Iconic Guitarist

How much do you know about the short and famed life of Jimi?

Quiz Number: 4888
Date Submitted: December 19, 2012
Quiz Categories: Rock Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 61.8 percent
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Quiz is about: Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix Iconic Guitarist
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1. What was the name of Jimi's band?
  A.   The Revolution
  B.   Axis
  C.   Jimi Hendrix and the Experience
  D.   Motor Mayhem

2. Sadly, Jimmy passed away at the age of 27 due to what circumstance?
  A.   Self Inflicted gunshot
  B.   Drug overdose
  C.   Plane crash
  D.   Drug related asphyxia

3. Jimi popularized the use of what in his act?
  A.   High squelch in amps
  B.   Wah- Wah pedals
  C.   Feedback through amps
  D.   Smashing guitars

4. How old was Jimi when he received his first guitar?
  A.   15
  B.   12
  C.   8
  D.   5

5. After his first electric guitar was stolen, Jimi painted his second guitar red and named it what?
  A.   Bobbi Sue
  B.   Betty Jean
  C.   Bobbi Jo
  D.   Betsy Lou

6. To avoid a 2 year prison sentence, Jimi joined which branch of the military?
  A.   Air Force
  B.   Navy
  C.   Marines
  D.   Army

7. Jimi was widely associated with the use of what drug?
  A.   LSD
  B.   Heroin
  C.   Marijuana
  D.   Cocane

8. What type of guitar was Jimi most associated with and was actually his guitar of choice?
  A.   Fender Jazzmaster
  B.   Gibson Flying V
  C.   Fender Stratocaster
  D.   Gibson Les Paul

9. Jimi had a habit of doing what with his guitars?
  A.   Smashing them on stage
  B.   Setting them on fire
  C.   Giving each their own personal name
  D.   Donating them to charities

10. "Foxy Lady" and "Purple Haze" can be found on which one of Jimi's albums?
  A.   Axis: Bold as Love
  B.   Electric Ladyland
  C.   Band of Gypsies
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