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Trivia Quiz - Emilio Estevez

How much do you know about the amazing actor and movie star?

Quiz Number: 4850
Date Submitted: December 07, 2012
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Quiz is about: Emilio Estevez

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Emilio Estevez
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1. Emilio is a member of what famous acting family?
  A.   The Sheen family
  B.   The Bridges family
  C.   The Fonda family
  D.   The Penn family

2. Emilio was married to which pop artist from 1992 to 1994?
  A.   Madonna
  B.   Jennifer Lopez
  C.   Paula Abdul
  D.   Cher

3. In high school, Emilio was friends with Rob and Chad Lowe and what other set of famous brothers?
  A.   Matt and Kevin Dillion
  B.   Sean and Chris Penn
  C.   Mark and Donnie Wahlberg
  D.   Owen and Jeff Wilson

4. Emilio was considered as the leader of what 1980's group?
  A.   The Drat Pack
  B.   The Frat Pack
  C.   The Rat Pack
  D.   The Brat Pack

5. Emilio made his directorial debut with what film?
  A.   Men At Work
  B.   That Was Then, This Is Now
  C.   Wisdom
  D.   Repo Man

6. Emilio became the youngest person in Hollywood to do what?
  A.   Win an Academy Award
  B.   Write, star, and direct in a single motion picture
  C.   Win an Oscar
  D.   Direct a major motion picture

7. Emilio is close friends with what famous Rock Star?
  A.   Tommy Lee
  B.   Brett Michaels
  C.   Tom Petty
  D.   Jon Bon Jovi

8. Emilio was briefly engaged to what actress and member of the Brat Pack?
  A.   Demi Moore
  B.   Molly Ringwald
  C.   Ally Sheedy
  D.   Winona Ryder

9. Emilio made his movie debut in 1982's Tex with what other Brat Pack member?
  A.   Judd Nelson
  B.   Matt Dillion
  C.   Andrew McCarthy
  D.   Rob Lowe

10. At age 8, Emilio submitted a script to what macabre television anthology series?
  A.   Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  B.   The Night Stalker
  C.   Rod Serling's Night Gallery
  D.   The Twilight Zone®   

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