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Trivia Quiz - Hannibal - Sworn Enemy of Rome

A quiz on a military leader whose battle techniques have been lauded by famous generals such as Wellington and Napoleon. Trivia questions about the life and career of Hannibal.

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Date Submitted: October 27, 2012
Quiz Categories: Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Hannibal  Sworn Enemy of Rome

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1. Where was Hannibal born in 247 B.C.?
  A.   Gaul
  B.   Madrid
  C.   Carthage
  D.   Cairo

2. Hannibal learned his military craft as the son of which Carthaginian general?
  A.   Hasdrubal
  B.   Hamilcar
  C.   Hormildar
  D.   Herdiltar

3. An attack by Hannibal's army on which region, prompted Rome to declare war on Carthage in 218 B.C.?
  A.   Gaul
  B.   Egypt
  C.   Iberian peninsula
  D.   Greece

4. What were the wars between Carthage and Rome known as?
  A.   Pyranees
  B.   Pubic
  C.   Gallic
  D.   Punic

5. Hannibal is best known for his attack on Rome using elephants after crossing the Alps. How many elephants did he take?
  A.   40
  B.   70
  C.   100
  D.   200

6. In 216 B.C. Hannibal's forces slayed over 60,000 Roman soldiers at the Battle of?
  A.   Campania
  B.   Cannae
  C.   Calabro
  D.   Cisterno

7. How long did Hannibal and his army stay on the Italian peninsula in his attempt to conquer Rome?
  A.   6 months
  B.   3 years
  C.   8 years
  D.   15 years

8. What made Hannibal and his army leave Italy?
  A.   Defeat by the Roman army at the Battle of the Rubicon
  B.   starvation
  C.   An attack on Carthage by Rome
  D.   Invasion of Italy by the Huns

9. Upon his return to Carthage, what did Hannibal do?
  A.   Reformed the government
  B.   Began plans for an invasion of Egypt
  C.   Retired to farm life
  D.   Finally got married

10. How did Hannibal die in 183 B.C.?
  A.   suicide
  B.   On the battlefield fighting Romans
  C.   assassination
  D.   In a battle putting down a civil uprising®   

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