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Trivia Quiz - Futurama: Character Match

This is just a simple character match quiz on Futurama.I'll simply describe the character and you tell me who the character is.

Quiz Number: 4598
Date Submitted: July 13, 2012
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 89.4 percent
Times Taken: 16 times
Taken by Registered Users: 1

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Futurama Character Match

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1. I was a Pizza Delivery boy that was frozen for 1,000 years.Who am I?
  A.   Leela
  B.   Bender
  C.   Frye
  D.   Zoidberg

2. I am a one-eyed Karate expert and also Captain of the ship.Who am I?
  A.   Amy Wong
  B.   Leela
  C.   Farnsworth
  D.   Zapp Branigan

3. I am the cigar smoking,beer drinking robot.Who am I?
  A.   Conrad
  B.   Grips
  C.   Kalgon
  D.   Bender

4. I am the founder of Planet Express and Frye's nephew.Who am I?
  A.   Professor Farnsworth
  B.   Hermes Conrad
  C.   Zapp Branigan
  D.   Dr.Zoidberg

5. I am the Lobster-like Alien.Who am I?
  A.   Kif Kroker
  B.   Professor Farnsworth
  C.   Hermes Conrad
  D.   Dr.Zoidberg

6. I am the rich Chinese intern that's in a relationship with Kif Kroker.Who am I?
  A.   Leela
  B.   Amy Wong
  C.   Mom
  D.   Kalgon

7. I am the Jamaican accountant.Who am I?
  A.   Hermes Conrad
  B.   Zapp Branigan
  C.   Dr.Zoidberg
  D.   Kif Kroker

8. I am the Captain of Nimbus,and a self-proclaimed ladies man.Who am I?
  A.   Kif Kroker
  B.   Hermes Conrad
  C.   Zapp Branigan
  D.   Kalgon

9. I am Zapp Branigan's assistant.Who am I?
  A.   Leela
  B.   Bender
  C.   Dr.Zoidberg
  D.   Kif Kroker

10. I am very intelligent and I defacate heavy,dark matter that is used for Space fuel.Who am I?
  A.   Kilgor
  B.   Nibbler
  C.   Bender
  D.   Kalgon®   

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