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Trivia Quiz - Audie Murphy - Decorated War Hero and Actor

Quiz Number: 4563
Date Submitted: June 29, 2012
Quiz Categories: American History, Movie Stars, World War II
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 65.5 percent
Times Taken: 299 times
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Quiz is about: Audie L Murphy

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Audie Murphy  Decorated War Hero and Actor
(Image Source: public domain photo of Audie Murphy)

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1. Audie Murphy was born in 1924 in which US state?
  A.   Texas
  B.   Tenessee
  C.   North Dakota
  D.   Oregon

2. As a youngster Audie Murphy developed his shooting skills doing what?
  A.   Hunting for food for his family
  B.   As a member of the local rifle club
  C.   Keeping crows from his family's corn crop
  D.   Working in his parents' shooting gallery

3. As the most decorated US soldier of World War II, where did Audie Murphy win his Medal of Honor?
  A.   France
  B.   Belgium
  C.   Germany
  D.   Italy

4. It has been estimated Audie Murphy killed how many Germans?
  A.   80
  B.   120
  C.   190
  D.   240

5. Audie Murphy's literary and film accounts of his war exploits were called?
  A.   A Soldier's Story
  B.   To Hell and Back
  C.   Honor and Valor
  D.   No Time for Heroes

6. Which actor persuaded Audie Murphy to try his hand at acting?
  A.   James Stewart
  B.   Montgomery Clift
  C.   James Cagney
  D.   Clark Gable

7. What effect did Audie Murphy's war service have on him?
  A.   He became an advocate for veterans.
  B.   He suffered from insomnia and night terrors.
  C.   He became addicted to sleeping pills
  D.   All the above

8. Audie Murphy's film career was checkered with some critical successes and some B grade westerns. Approximately how many films did he appear in?
  A.   10
  B.   20
  C.   30
  D.   40

9. Audie Murphy died young in 1971 at the age of 46 from what cause?
  A.   suicide
  B.   robbery victim
  C.   plane crash
  D.   car crash

10. Appropriately, what was the title of the last film Audie Murphy made?
  A.   Cast a Long Shadow
  B.   Bullet for a Badman
  C.   A Time for Dying
  D.   Beyond Glory®   

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