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Trivia Quiz - Ralph Nader: Presidential Candidate and Car Critic

Politician, activitist, and architect of the demise of nascent US Small Car market in the mid-1960s. And perpetual presidential wannabe. Great Ralph Nader trivia about his life, career and campaigns.

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Date Submitted: May 23, 2012
Quiz Categories: American History, American Culture
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Ralph Nader

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Ralph Nader Presidential Candidate and Car Critic
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1. Nader's parents, Nathra and Rose Nader, were immigrants from what country?
  A.   Egypt
  B.   Lebanon
  C.   France
  D.   Palestine

2. What car did Nader demonize in his book "Unsafe at Any Speed"?
  A.   Corvette
  B.   Pinto
  C.   Corvair
  D.   Beetle

3. When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested the car Nader highlighted in Chapter 1 of "Unsafe at Any Speed", the results were what?
  A.   confirmed the car was a ticking time bomb and would explode in if bumped.
  B.   proved 33% of the cars in this production line resulted in serious injury to owners.
  C.   showed the car Nader discussed compared favorably to other cars from other manufacturers in the era.
  D.   showed all small American cars were unsafe.

4. What form of electrical power generation does Nader vehemently oppose that does NOT produce carbon dioxide?
  A.   Solar Panels
  B.   Windmills
  C.   Nuclear
  D.   Hydroelectric

5. What political party chose Nader as a presidential candidate in 2000?
  A.   US Socialists
  B.   Green
  C.   Democrat
  D.   US Communist

6. In February 2007, Nader noted that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton was:
  A.   "lovely and brilliant lady."
  B.   "a good horse to carry Bill Clinton back into the White House."
  C.   "a panderer and a flatterer."
  D.   "too female to get elected to the White House."

7. Nader focused a large portion of his criticism on the swing-axle rear suspension. What automotive manufacturer used a similar rear suspension during that time frame?
  A.   Porsche
  B.   Mercedes
  C.   Volkswagen
  D.   All of the above

8. What role was Nader accused of during the 2000 Presidential Election?
  A.   Spoiler - he took critical votes from Gore.
  B.   Spoiler - he took critical votes from Bush.
  C.   Champion - he shifted the Republican debates towards war.
  D.   Champion - he shifted the Democratic debates towards the economy.

9. According to financial disclosures during the 2000 Presidential Election, Nader had ~ $3 million in investments. Of that, how much of that money did Nader retain for living expenses, after his donations to charitable organizations?
  A.   $1,000,000
  B.   $100,000
  C.   $50,000
  D.   $25,000

10. What type of car did Nader have during the 2000 elections?
  A.   1963 Lincoln Continental
  B.   A restored 1963 Corvair
  C.   A Volkswagen Beetle
  D.   Nader did not have a car.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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