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Trivia Quiz - Sandra Bernhard: Big Time Comedienne

Sassy Sandra Bernhard!

Quiz Number: 447
Date Submitted: June 06, 2006
Quiz Categories: Comedians, Television Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: MrMarbles
Average Score: 54.3 percent
Times Taken: 63 times
Taken by Registered Users: 25
Quiz is about: Sandra Bernhard

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Sandra Bernhard Big Time Comedienne
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1. Where was Sandra Bernhard born?
  A.   Detroit, Michigan
  B.   Flint, Michigan
  C.   New York, New York
  D.   Phoenix, Arizona

2. What was unique about Sandra Bernhard's tour with Lilith Fair in 1999?
  A.   she played the banjo
  B.   she was the youngest Lilith Fair Performer to that point
  C.   she was the only one to wear pants
  D.   she was the only comedienne to tour with the group

3. Where is the high school from which Sandra Bernhard graduated located?
  A.   Scottsdale, Arizona
  B.   Flint, Michigan
  C.   New York, New York
  D.   Detroit, Michigan

4. Sandra Bernhanrd was at one time close friends with:
  A.   Sandra Bullock
  B.   Uma Thurman
  C.   Madonna
  D.   Cher

5. Sandra Bernhard is probably best known for her:
  A.   singing
  B.   dancing
  C.   stand-up comedy
  D.   movie roles

6. Sandra Bernhard has a child named:
  A.   Cicely Yasin
  B.   Cicely Tyson
  C.   Jasmine Yasin
  D.   Jasmine Bernhard

7. From 1991-1997, Sandra Bernhard played a recurring role as the character Nancy Bartlett in what TV sitcom?
  A.   "Night Court"
  B.   "Seinfeld"
  C.   "Murphy Brown"
  D.   "Roseanne"

8. Sandra Bernhard is openly:
  A.   heterosexual
  B.   lesbian
  C.   bisexual
  D.   celibate

9. What type of music does Sandra typically NOT perform during her stand-up routines?
  A.   pop
  B.   jazz
  C.   blues
  D.   heavy metal

10. Which of the following books was NOT written by Sandra?
  A.   "Confessions of a Pretty Lady"
  B.   "May I Kiss You on the Lips, Miss Sandra"
  C.   "I'm Still Here... Damn It!"
  D.   "Love, Love and Love"®   

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