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Trivia Quiz - Junior Seau - San Diego Super Charger

This is a quiz on the late great NFL linebacker Junior Seau who was one of the best to ever have played the game.

Quiz Number: 4453
Date Submitted: May 04, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 53.6 percent
Times Taken: 11 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2
Quiz is about: Junior Seau

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Junior Seau  San Diego Super Charger
(Image Source: Junior Seau photo credit to JJ Hall)

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1. Junior Seau wore what jersey number for his entire NFL career?
  A.   50
  B.   52
  C.   53
  D.   55

2. The San Diego Chargers were one of three NFL teams that Junior played for during his NFL career. What team actually drafted Junior with the 5th overall pick in the 1990 NFL Draft?
  A.   New England Patriots
  B.   San Diego Chargers
  C.   Oakland Raiders
  D.   Miami Dolphins

3. Where did Junior play his collegiate football?
  A.   USC
  B.   UCLA
  C.   University of Southern California
  D.   San Diego State

4. At what age did Junior start speaking English?
  A.   7
  B.   10
  C.   5
  D.   12

5. What nickname did Junior receive from his teammates during his Rookie year?
  A.   Tasmanian Devil
  B.   Junior
  C.   Slammin' Samoan
  D.   The Caretaker

6. Who was the first Head Coach Junior played under in the NFL?
  A.   Bobby Ross
  B.   Bobby Beathard
  C.   Don Coryell
  D.   Dan Henning

7. What team did Junior sign with just four days after retiring from the NFL the first time?
  A.   San Diego Chargers
  B.   New England Patriots
  C.   Oakland Raiders
  D.   Miami Dolphins

8. Junior owned a restaurant and a clothing line. What was the name of his clothing line?
  A.   Junior's Clothing
  B.   Seau's Sportswear
  C.   Say-Ow Gear
  D.   Sack Line

9. What position did Junior play in the NFL?
  A.   Linebacker
  B.   Cornerback
  C.   Safety
  D.   Defensive Lineman

10. Junior played for three NFL teams during his career. Which team below did he not play for?
  A.   San Diego Chargers
  B.   Miami Dolphins
  C.   New England Patriots
  D.   Oakland Raiders®   

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