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Trivia Quiz - Texas Hold 'Em

This is a quiz about the most popular poker game in the world. How much do you know about Texas Hold 'Em trivia?

Quiz Number: 4435
Date Submitted: April 26, 2012
Quiz Categories: Professional Poker
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 57.9 percent
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Texas Hold Em
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1. The five cards that are placed in the middle of the table are known as what?
  A.   Free Cards
  B.   Community Cards
  C.   The Flop
  D.   Dead Cards

2. The birthplace of Texas Hold 'Em is officially recognized as where?
  A.   Robstown, Texas
  B.   Carson City, Nevada
  C.   Tombstone, Arizona
  D.   San Antonio, Texas

3. What other popular poker game did Texas Hold 'Em replace as being the most common poker game in United States Casinos?
  A.   5 Card Stud
  B.   5 Card Draw
  C.   Omaha
  D.   7 Card Stud

4. Forced bets to start play are called what?
  A.   The Antes
  B.   Under the Gun
  C.   The Blinds
  D.   The Buy-Ins

5. What is the last card flipped up in the middle of the table called?
  A.   The River
  B.   The Turn
  C.   Easy Street
  D.   The Flop

6. What does the dealer do every time before flipping a card?
  A.   Taps the Deck
  B.   Deals from the Bottom of the Deck
  C.   Burns a card
  D.   Shuffles the Cards

7. How many different starting combinations are there in Texas Hold 'Em?
  A.   154
  B.   169
  C.   176
  D.   184

8. What is the best starting hand in Texas Hold 'Em?
  A.   Jack-Queen
  B.   King-Queen
  C.   Ace-King
  D.   Ace-Ace

9. What is the worst starting hand in Texas Hold 'Em?
  A.   2-8
  B.   2-2
  C.   2-7
  D.   2-3

10. What are the first three cards layed in the middle of the table called?
  A.   The Turn
  B.   The Flop
  C.   The River
  D.   4th Street®   

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