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Trivia Quiz - General Hospital: Basics

All about Port Charles!

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General Hospital Basics
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1. What name did Tony Cassadine use while anchored in Port Charles?
  A.   Devlin
  B.   Nicholas
  C.   Castle
  D.   Thorburn

2. What was Blackie Parrish's real first name?
  A.   Wayne
  B.   Duane
  C.   Albert
  D.   Alfred

3. Which police higher-up turned out to be the notorious Mr. Big?
  A.   Alex Garcia
  B.   Guy Lewis
  C.   Inspector LeStrange
  D.   Burt Ramsey

4. What name did Bobbie use while posing as a high-priced hooker in Florida?
  A.   Heaven
  B.   Desire
  C.   Raven
  D.   Kitten

5. By what code name was international criminal Nicholas Van Buren (Joseph Mascolo) better known?
  A.   Viper
  B.   Gator
  C.   Domino
  D.   Ace

6. Which given first name did Stone Cates and Sonny Corinthos share?
  A.   Michael
  B.   Joseph
  C.   Thomas
  D.   William

7. What Port Charles resident did con man Marco Dane claim to be when he introduced himself to Tracy Quartermaine?
  A.   Jagger Cates
  B.   her son Ned Ashton
  C.   Jonathan Paget
  D.   Luke Spencer

8. By what names did Luke and Laura go while on the run from Frank Smith's mob?
  A.   Lloyd and Lucy Johnson
  B.   Bill and Frances Metson
  C.   Fred and Monica Johnson
  D.   Alan and Ethel Barrymore

9. Under what pseudonym did former DVX agent Cesar Faison write romance novels?
  A.   Bernice Sullivan
  B.   P.K. Sinclair
  C.   D.D. White
  D.   Daphne Fairchild

10. Which leading man returned from the dead with a new face and a new name, Jonathan Paget?
  A.   Duke Lavery
  B.   Mac Scorpio
  C.   Luke Spencer
  D.   Tony Cassadine®   

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