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Trivia Quiz - General Hospital - Luke & Laura

How much do you know about Soap's most famous couple?

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General Hospital  Luke  Laura
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1. What is Luke Spencer's middle name?
  A.   Antonio
  B.   Vincent
  C.   Lorenzo
  D.   Octavio

2. Which of the following was never one of Laura Spencer's last names?
  A.   Baldwin
  B.   Vining
  C.   Webber
  D.   Pruitt

3. In what state did Luke and Bobbie grow up?
  A.   Michigan
  B.   Washington
  C.   New York
  D.   Florida

4. To what standard did Luke and Laura dance around Wyndhams's department store?
  A.   Fascination
  B.   It Had to Be You
  C.   Someone to Watch Over Me
  D.   All the Way

5. What did Luke slip on Laura's finger as a symbol of their commitment the night after they made love in Beecher's Corners?
  A.   a rubber band
  B.   a string
  C.   a cigar band
  D.   a bread wrapper twister

6. What did Luke rename the Cassadine yacht when the government gave it to him?
  A.   The Blue Princess
  B.   Lucky Lady
  C.   The Haunted Star
  D.   Lovely Laura

7. What were the weather conditions the night Laura disappeared in 1982?
  A.   very windy
  B.   foggy
  C.   thunderstorms
  D.   tornado warning

8. Where were Luke and Laura reunited when she "returned from the dead" in 1983?
  A.   the cafeteria at General Hospital
  B.   Kelly's diner
  C.   Luke's home
  D.   the mayor's mansion

9. What sort of business were Luke and Laura running in Canada when Frank Smith blew up their truck?
  A.   diner
  B.   pizza shop
  C.   gas station
  D.   kennel

10. Why did Laura throw Luke out of the house in 1995?
  A.   his mob connections put their children at risk
  B.   he had developed a drinking problem
  C.   he called her names too nasty to mention
  D.   he was two-timing with another woman®   

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