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Trivia Quiz - Tornado!

Great tornado trivia in this cool tornado fact quiz!

Quiz Number: 4357
Date Submitted: March 16, 2012
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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(Image Source: Tornado @ Wikipedia)

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1. About how long does the typical tornado last?
  A.   between 10 and 30 minutes
  B.   between 30 and 60 minutes
  C.   more than 60 minutes
  D.   they last for hours

2. What is the precursor to a tornado?
  A.   funnel cloud
  B.   cone cloud
  C.   sleet
  D.   all of the above

3. In what country do the most powerful tornadoes occur?
  A.   China
  B.   Russia
  C.   United States
  D.   Australia

4. From what type of cloud do nearly all tornadoes form?
  A.   cumulonimbus cloud
  B.   cirrus cloud
  C.   roll cloud
  D.   shelf cloud

5. Which of the following US states is not located in what is commonly known as "Tornado Alley"?
  A.   Texas
  B.   Oklahoma
  C.   Kansas
  D.   Arizona

6. In 1925, an F5 tornado swept a 219-mile track across the midwestern US, killing 695 people. Infamously, it was to become known as the Tri-State Tornado. Through which state did it not pass?
  A.   Iowa
  B.   Missouri
  C.   Illinois
  D.   Indiana

7. What southern Ohio city was nearly wiped off the map during the Super Outbreak of April 3-4, 1974?
  A.   Hamilton
  B.   Xenia
  C.   New Richmond
  D.   Middletown

8. What is the strongest tornado according to the Enhanced Fujita scale, a measurement used to measure the amount of tornado damage caused based on size and intensity?
  A.   EF3
  B.   EF4
  C.   EF5
  D.   EF10

9. Every spring, groups of scientists, enthusiasts and thrillseekers swarm to America's heartland to track tornadoes. What is the common name for these folks?
  A.   Tornado Tommies
  B.   Storm Chasers
  C.   Wind Watchers
  D.   Funnel Freaks

10. What time of day do most tornadoes occur?
  A.   morning
  B.   early afternoon
  C.   late afternoon and evening
  D.   after dark®   

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