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Trivia Quiz - Troy Polamalu

10 questions on Pittsburgh Steeler great Troy Polamalu - one hairy dude!

Quiz Number: 4297
Date Submitted: February 04, 2012
Quiz Categories: NFL Football, Football
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
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Times Taken: 69 times
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Quiz is about: Troy A Polamalu

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Troy Polamalu
(Image Source: Troy Palamalu photo credit to J.Smith @ Flickr)

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1. Troy was drafted in 2003 by the Pittsburgh Steelers and began wearing what jersey number?
  A.   43
  B.   39
  C.   44
  D.   34

2. Troy earned his first Super Bowl in 2006 as he helped the Steelers defeat what NFC team?
  A.   New York Giants
  B.   Dallas Cowboys
  C.   Seattle Seahawks
  D.   Atlanta Falcons

3. Troy loves to play what musical instrument?
  A.   piano
  B.   guitar
  C.   saxophone
  D.   ukelele

4. Where was Troy born?
  A.   San Francisco, California
  B.   Garden Grove, California
  C.   Oahu, Hawaii
  D.   Honalulu, Hawaii

5. Troy was drafted 16th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2003 Draft. Who was selected first in that year's draft?
  A.   Calvin Johnson
  B.   Larry Fitzgerald
  C.   Randy Moss
  D.   Carson Palmer

6. What is the name of Troy's eldest son?
  A.   Aoatoa
  B.   Harry
  C.   Paisios
  D.   Ephraim

7. Why did Troy miss the 2003 Senior Bowl and NFL Combine?
  A.   He was in out of the country
  B.   A Motorcycle Accident
  C.   Death of his Grandfather
  D.   Hamstring Injury

8. What does Troy do after every single play in a game?
  A.   Bows his head to Pray
  B.   Makes the "Sign of the Cross"
  C.   Points Skyward
  D.   Taps his Helmet three times

9. Troy graduated from college in 2011 from USC with a degree in what?
  A.   Sports Medicine
  B.   Broadcasting
  C.   Arts and Science
  D.   History

10. In August 2010, Troy had a $1M insurance policy taken out on his hair with Lloyd's of London. Who paid for the policy?
  A.   Troy himself
  B.   Proctor & Gamble
  C.   The NFL
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